Sen. Boucher: ‘Quick … Which Candidate Stands Out?’

Report by Paula Antolini
January 29, 2018 4:01PM EDT


Sen. Boucher: ‘Quick … Which Candidate Stands Out?’

If you said the one in the middle you’d be right, but for reasons beyond the obvious.

You see, of all the declared and exploratory Republican candidates for governor of Connecticut, State Senator Toni Boucher stands out from the rest in ways that will be critical to a Republican win in November and to the ultimate success of turning around our state.

She is the only one with both state and local government leadership experience, as a state senator (where she’s currently Chief Deputy Majority Leader), Assistant Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, Local Board of Education Chair, Board of Selectman and member of the State Board of Education – while at the same time working in business for some of the nation’s leading corporations and investment firms. She is the only one who’s lived and understands both sides of Connecticut’s economic ladder, raised in the minimum wage blue collar industrial Connecticut and now representing some of the state’s most affluent communities. She is the only one who’s demonstrated the proven ability to unify voters and win votes across party lines in an election for state office.  In fact, she has been the highest vote-getter of any state senator in a contested election because of her ability to win a strong cross vote (and that will be a key to any Republican winning in a state that’s 2:1 Democratic).

As former Governor Jodi Rell has said, Toni Boucher has the experience and qualifications to lead the way to a better Connecticut. She’s a fighter, reformer and a true advocate for the people.”

If you’d like to support Toni’s exploratory campaign for Governor, please consider making a contribution now by clicking on the secure donate button below. That maximum allowable contribution is $375 per person, but any contribution up to that level, whether $200, $100, $50, $25 or even $5 is welcome.

Thank you for your generosity and help. Together, we can build a better Connecticut!

Learn more at www.BoucherforCT.com.


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