Date of Bethel High School Graduation Is Chosen but No Details Given

Report by Paula Antolini, April 23, 2021, 3:10PM EDT

Notice from Bethel Public Schools, April 23, 2021:

“At last night’s meeting the Board of Education approved Tuesday, June 22, 2021 (rain date June 23rd) as the graduation date for the Class of 2021.”


We have no further information about the event at this time so we have sent the following questions to Dr. Christine Carver:

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1) Will this be a virtual graduation this year or a realtime graduation? 

2) If realtime, in what location will it be held? (On the field at the corner of the school’s entrance, with people in cars, as in a previous event, or at WestConn as usual?) 

3) Will there be a limit on number of attendees and/or cars? 

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4) If so, what are those limits and who may attend?

5) Will you, once again, be banning media from overing the event? If so, under what grounds? 

6) Will you be allowing any other audio or visual recordings, and if so, by whom? (at a precious event you had not only a school photographer mingling closely with participants by also an aerial photography company present).

7) Will you be having a live recording of the event online? Who will be handling that? Will the live recording also be open to live comment by the public? If yes to both questions, what measures will be taken to ensure it remains presentable by BOE rules?

8) If no decisions have yet been made about all of the above, when will those decisions be made and by whom? When and where will the decisions be published, or is info. only emailed to parents and guardians? In that case, can you also send the notice to the Bethel Advocate?

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We will update this article when we receive further information.