School Superintendent Dr. Carver Announces Bethel Public Schools Security System Improvements

Report by Paula Antolini, April 23, 2021, 4:02PM EDT

Bethel Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Christine Carver has just announced their updates to School Security Improvements as follows:

“When we designed the new Rockwell and Johnson Schools, it was always the district’s intention to expand the enhanced security features into Berry School, Bethel Middle School, and Bethel High School. We engaged the school security consultant to create a roadmap to enhance those systems districtwide. There are two new security protocols/programs that will be implemented prior to the beginning of the next school year. I wanted to take an opportunity to let you know some of these changes:

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Visitor Management System:

“Our visitor management system screens and tracks all visitors into our schools. We are moving from Hall Pass to Raptor. In the old system, visitors had to enter the main office and process their identification, producing a “visitor badge”.

“In the new system, visitors will actually be processed in the vestibule, not allowing the visitor in the building if they are flagged. The data will not be carried over from our old database, so all building visitors will need to put in their state issued identification into the new system. You will note that we had to make some changes to the configuration of our vestibules to make this happen. The new visitor protocols will be sent out when all of the systems go online. We anticipate this will be before the end of this school year. The new system is pictured below:

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Video Management System:

“We are switching our video management surveillance system to a new product, Milestone. This system provides greater analytics to our current system for general monitoring and for the investigation of incidents within our schools. As with our current system, this new system will be available to the Bethel Police Department if needed
to monitor an emergency.

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“Lastly, a few years ago, at Parent University I presented an overview of how we address safety & security in our schools with our School Resource Officers. I would encourage our new parents or those that would like a refresher to watch this important presentation.”