Bethel Police Dept. Warns Residents About Fake Neighborhood Watch Postcards

Report by Paula Antolini, January 8, 2019, 8:31PM EDT


‘The Bethel Police Department is investigating several incidents where residents in town are receiving postcards purported to be from a “Neighborhood Watch.”

The postcards contain false accusations / information regarding various Bethel residents claiming that the named person and/ or their family members have been arrested for various crimes.

In all cases the Bethel Police have received thus far, the accusations are completely false and fabricated.

In the event that you receive one of these postcards you may report it to the Bethel Police Department or you can simply discard them in the trash as they are not from the Bethel Police Department or any legitimate source.

If you have any questions regarding these postcards please contact Detective Sergeant Bryce at 203-744-7900 x 114.


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