Supt. Carver: Free Meals Extended for All Students Until Feb. 28, 2023

Report by Paula Antolini, December 1, 2022, 4:05PM EDT

Letter from Bethel Public Schools Superintendent Christine Carver to Parents & Guardians, November 29, 2022 :

“The SMART funds which we received from the State that allowed us to offer meals free of charge to all students this school year will end as of December 31, 2022, when the State funds will be depleted. However, our independent Food Service account has sufficient funding to extend the free meals for all until February 28, 2023.  

Unless you have received a direct certification letter or have already filled out an application this school year, it is imperative that all families that might qualify fill out the application for free and reduced-price meals so that they are prepared for the transition back to paid meals on March 1, 2023. These applications can be found on our website, in the main office of each school, and in the business office at the Central Office (Municipal Center at 1 School Street).

“Beginning March 1, 2023, the following prices will be in effect: 

  • Berry, Rockwell, and Johnson paid lunch $3.10 
  • Middle and High Schools $3.45, 
  • Breakfast at all schools is $2.40. If a student qualifies for reduced lunch, the cost is $0.40 and breakfast is free.

“Please click the links to find out more about:

“If you have any questions, please contact your school principal or call or email  Jennifer Variale, Director of Finance & Business Operations, at (203) 794-8603 or”