Senator Boucher: Tolls Would Place Undo Burden on Connecticut Drivers

Report by Paula Antolini
March 22, 2018 5:40AM EDT





Senator Boucher: Tolls Would Place Undo Burden on Connecticut Drivers

Let me be clear. I am staunchly opposed to the current administration’s plan for instituting tolls on Connecticut highways.

At a time when our families and businesses are already suffering from the enormous financial burdens placed on them by our state, it would seem that the last thing we should be doing is adding another one. To wit, our recent ‘Say No to Tolls’ petition on Facebook was signed by over 1,700 people in just one week!

At a public hearing on tolls, the Yankee Institute testified that the estimated cost to the average Connecticut driver would be about $240 per month. That’s $2,880 per year!  And this would be on top of Connecticut’s current gas tax, which is the sixth highest in the country.

Furthermore, the proposed toll plan would bring additional costs. In their zeal to bring tolls to our state, proponents are not talking about the cost to plan for and build tolling gantries. They don’t talk about the fact that the federal government would have to approve any proposals before construction could start, and once that hurdle is crossed, that it will take years before the work is completed and the state sees one dime.

In order to turn our state around and re-energize its economy, we need to focus on removing financial burdens, not adding new ones.

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Thank you.

Toni Boucher

State Senator
& Exploring Candidate for Governor




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