Run Totals for Bethel Fire and EMS for the Month of November

Report by Paula Antolini
December 13, 2017 9:27PM EDT


Run Totals for Bethel Fire and EMS for the Month of November




There were a total of 37 calls for the Fire Department for the month of November.

Automatic Alarms – 17

Structure Fire – 1

Chimney Fire – 1

Car Fires – 2

Motor Vehicle Accident – 2

Carbon Monoxide/Gas leak – 1

EMS Assist – 3

Rescue calls – 1

Outdoor/Brush Fire – 5

Wires down – 1

Appliance Call – 1

Smell of Smoke investigation – 2

Mutual Aid – 1




There were a total of 109 EMS calls for this past month.



Captains Corner

As this year slowly give way to 2018 this will be the final call totals and Captains corner for this year, and I wanted to save this months topic for last, as it becomes a bigger issue as the big holidays approach and that’s the subject of drunk driving, or driving under the influence. Every year many of us gather with friends and family to enjoy each others company, and to celebrate the season. while I could site a ton of data from the Connecticut State Police website as to how many specific tickets were handed out, how many accidents were counted over the holidays, and the worst of all of the statistics they keep, the ones where there is a loss of life due to drunk or impaired driving, I will not include them, as the statistics no matter how many are too many.

I am by no means saying don’t have a good time, just please be careful. Designated drivers work, a taxi, walk, or if you can plan to stay over where you are celebrating that works too. Getting a DUI is a huge issue, and depending on the situation will effect your lifestyle for quite some time after the holidays are long over, an accident resulting in a loss life, or causing harm to others, will stay with you forever. Accidents around the holidays, are in particular hard, as they are then forever linked to a holiday for both the person causing it, and even more so with the victims family. it just isn’t worth it.

While the end of the year for many can be stressful rushing from here to there, with all the shopping, cooking, eating, party’s, school concerts, and of course traffic. Please take some time out to relax, and appreciate the season no matter how you celebrate it ! Hold family a little closer, and enjoy time with friends a little more. It’s a great time of year to pause our hectic running around to appreciate the people in your life that make life that much better.

I wish all of you and your families the very best for the holidays, and for a prosperous and fulfilling 2018. I will be back next month with Bethel Fire and EMS’s monthly totals,

and year end numbers for 2017. Perhaps next month’s article we can talk about why people drink egg nog this time of year, or at all. not a holiday favorite of mine.

Be well and Stay Safe,

Brendan Ryan


Bethel Fire

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