Preliminary Results of Bethel Municipal Election 2021

Report by Paula Antolini, November 3, 2021, 7:00AM EDT

Preliminary Results of 2021 Bethel Municipal Election from Bethel Registrar of Voters:

The vote counts will be finalized Wednesday and then will be subject to a recount of certain offices that are “close.” Note that a few hand-counted ballots are not yet included. The reported results here reflect the machine vote only. Also, the order of the unofficial winners listed for multi-seat Boards do not reflect their relative vote count.


First Selectman:

Matt Knickerbocker (D)


Rich Straiton (D)

Bryan Terzian (R)

Town Clerk:

Lisa Bergh (D) (R) (IND)


Paul Szatkowski (R)

Board of Finance:

Dalene Foster (D)

Bob Manfreda (D)

John Lennon (R)

Bobbi Jo Beers (R)

Board of Education:

Kara DiBartolo (D)

Jennifer Ackerman (D)

Jen Larsen (D)

Melanie O’Brien  (IND)

Board of Assessment Appeals:

Barbara Lyons (D)

William Duff (R)

Bruce Cornwell (IND)

Planning and Zoning Commission:

Robert Stowell (D)

Kitty Grant (R)

Ken Stevens (IND)

Paul Shanley Jr. (R)

Planning and Zoning Alternate:

Douglas Cuny (R)

Zoning Board of Appeals:

Richard Lawlor (D)

Michael Duff (R)

Jay Streaman (R)

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate:

Dina Carvalho (R)

Inland Wetlands Commission:

Nico Jordan (D)

Laura Ferguson (R)

Kevin Seaman (R)

Inland Wetlands Alternate:

Danielle Monroe* (D)

Police Commission:

Patrick Morton* (D)

Kevin Cleary* (R)

Richard Kolwicz** (R)

These seats may be subject to an automatic “close vote” recount.


4,504 Voters cast a ballot in the municipal election. This was a 35% Turn-out.