Redding Police Release Names of Teenaged Occupants of Vehicle Crash on Route 107

Report by Paula Antolini
April 18, 2017 2:17PM EDT


Redding Police Release Names of Teenaged Occupants of Vehicle Crash on Route 107

A vehicle crash on Route 107 in Redding on April 14, 2017 resulted in six teenagers, who were in the car, being “critically and seriously injured” according to Redding Police.

The names of those injured have been released: Thomas Bull, 18 of Fairfield; Ryan Capozziello, 18 of Fairfield; Grant Ciccarello, 16 of Redding; Ryan Gombos, 16, of Easton; Allison Loder, 17, of Easton; and Janelle Pompea, 16 of Redding.

Details of the accident have not been released as the investigation is in progress, which could take months, Redding Police Chief Doug Fuchs said.

What is known so far is that a black Jeep Liberty was traveling northeast on Route 107 near Umpawaug Road when the accident happened.  The vehicle left the road and hit a tree, causing one passenger to eject. The vehicle caught fire a short time later and people that were passing by the crash pulled other occupants out of the vehicle previous to first responders arrival.

Three Redding EMS companies, Ridgefield EMS and police and firefighters responded to the incident.

Fuchs said the injured occupants of the vehicle were brought to three local hospitals and some were airlifted to other areas, but the medical conditions were not released, other than to describe “serious and critical” injuries to all occupants.








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