Jennifer Dulos’ Farmington Memorial Now Has Added Display Honoring Her Alleged Killer, That Was Soon Destroyed

Report by Paula Antolini, February 2, 2020, 6:57PM EDT

Photo on left shows a new display honoring Fotis Dulos, placed within yards of the present memorial seen in the background, located at Jefferson Crossing in Farmington, CT, meant to honor Jennifer Dulos.

A strange twist happened this week to a rapidly growing memorial for Jennifer Dulos, located near the home at Jefferson Crossing in Farmington, where Fotis Dulos was recently living before he attempted suicide there and died.

The Bethel Advocate recently learned that an unknown person added another memorial display this week, only this time honoring Fotis Dulos, and it was placed within a few yards of the Jennifer Dulos display, meant to honor his missing, and presumed dead, wife’s memory, a memorial created by caring strangers.

Rapidly growing memorial honoring Jennifer Dulos, located at Jefferson Crossing in Farmington, CT.

The beautiful, mostly flowers-and-candles display, is perched on a large rock near some trees, with a purple theme meant to represent the cause against domestic violence. The memorial includes a banner that reads, “Together we can overcome violence. Justice for Jennifer.” There is also a purple ribbon tied around a tree also reading, “Justice for Jennifer” overlooking numerous pink and purple flowers. Another sign, with simple capital letters in black and white, reads, “Thank You CSP & FPD” (Connecticut State Police & Farmington Police Department).

In contrast, the latest display for Fotis Dulos included a red, white and blue mylar balloon with stars and stripes, a white lantern with candle, and an American flag, two items with messages written on them. Hand written on the balloon in black lettering it read, “8th Amendment violated. The system is broken.” And on the lantern at the top it read, “Memory of Fotis Dulos Beloved.” In pink hand-lettered writing on the “X’s” over the lantern glass it reads, “Father, Brother, Son, Husband Friend.” At the bottom it reads, “RIP, 2-6-67 to 1-30-20.

The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution states that: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

What makes this even more notable is that when Fotus Dulos was still alive, and under house arrest for the alleged murder of his wife Jennifer Dulos, her memorial disturbed him so much that one day, late in January, upon his return from the grocery store, he stopped his car, got out, and proceeded to remove some of the items. This violating the terms of his release, while also wearing the required ankle monitor.

His attorney Norm Pattis said the memorial was “taunting” his client.

As this story is being written the Bethel Advocate learned that the mylar balloon was already destroyed by an unknown person.

Fotis Dulos was arrested for the alleged murder of his wife Jennifer Dulos. His girlfriend Michelle Troconis and his civl attorney Kent Mawhinney, were arrested for alleged conspiracy to commit murder in the same case.

Fotis Dulos’ made the $6 million bail bond but learned it would likely be revoked for a shortcoming of funds on the homes he put up for collateral, and he would likely be taken into custody again and remain to jail.

Anna Curry, from North Carolina, a person named as Fotis’ “best friend” in official bond documents, paid $147,000 to help Dulos post his $6 million bond.

Curry was the last person to see Dulos alive in slightly more than an hour before his death. She returned from an errand, back to the Jefferson Crossing home, only to find that Farmington Police were already performing CPR on Dulos after being alerted he was not in court for a scheduled emergency bond hearing, nor did he answer at the home when police arrived. He was seen by police through a window in the garage and determined to be in distress. Police did a forced entry and dragged him onto the driveway pavement to start the resuscitation procedure.

Dulos was eventually brought by ambulance to UConn Health Center in Farmington, then air lifted by Life Star helicopter to Jacobi Medical Center in New York for Hyperbaric Chamber treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning.

His family flew in from Greece to be with him and Dulos died a within two days despite efforts to revive him fully.

There are now numerous issues of how the debts and estate will be handled, but the family from Greece is staying at the Jefferson home despite Gloria Farber, the mother of Jennifer Dulos, hiring a caretaker for the home to ensure it’s safety and upkeep. However, the Fotis Dulos family is now objecting to this plan, and it will be decided in court.

The trials for the other two suspects, Michelle Troconis and Kent Mawhinney, will proceed. No date is set yet.


UPDATE February 3, 2020m 1:09pm:

Today we are getting reports that the memorial for Fotis Dulos, that was placed in a location near a memorial meant for his missing wife Jennifer Dulos after she was presumed possibly dead, has now been further damaged and tossed into the trash.