FBI Releases More Documents About Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre Investigation

Report by Paula Antolini
October 24, 2017 2:44PM EDT


FBI Releases More Documents About Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre Investigation

Over 1500 pages were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Tuesday regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting with more details about shooter Adam Lanza and others, including his mother Nancy Lanza, and also hand-written notes by investigators who were interviewing neighbors at the time.

The massacre by Adam Lanza left 26 dead (20 first-graders and six educators) on December 14, 2012, and ended with a self inflicted gun shot by Adam Lanza, and is detailed in the documents posted on the FBI’s archive page “FBI Records: The Vault.” It  includes redacted grand jury subpoenas and reports of interviews with individuals regarding this case.



“Adam Lanza, the shooter, has been identified by [redacted] as autistic and had a personality disorder.  At this time Adam Lanza appears to be the only shooter,” the unclassified document reads.

“Nancy Lanza told her son, Adam Lanza, had not left his bedroom in three months, and that despite the fact that Nancy and Adam lived in the same house, Nancy has only been able to communicate with Adam by email,” the document reads.

“When Adam Lanza was in ninth grade, Nancy told [redacted] that Adam had hacked into a government computer system. Adam had made it through the second level of security and when he tried to breach the third level the screen went black and authorities showed up at the Lanza’s door at 36 Yogananda Street. Nancy believed that the authorities that showed up at her door were either the FBI or the CIA.  Nancy had to convince authorities that her son was just very intelligent and was challenging himself to see if he could hack into a government system.  The authorities told Nancy that of her son was that smart he could have a job with them someday,” part 1 of the documents read.

“Adam was always a troubled kid and was interested in Japanese techno music,” the document reads.

“Nancy did not have a job and never worked at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” the document says. “Nancy got all her money from the divorce.”

“Nancy was a gun nut. [redacted] Nancy got into a verbal confrontation abut Nancy’s fascination with guns. Nancy told [redacted] that she ‘loved the feeling and power of a gun in her hand,’ ” the document reads.

“Nancy never let anyone into her home. If one pf the neighbors was picking up [redacted] Adam, Nancy would tell them to wait in the driveway,” the document reads.

Above is just a sampling of what is in the documents.

Read full documents below:

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Part 01 of 03

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Part 02 of 03 

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Part 03 of 03




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