Dr. Patricia Cosentino’s Retirement from Her Position as Supt. of New Fairfield Public Schools and Her Plans for the Future

Report by Paula Antolini, May 4, 2022, 2:00PM EDT

Having announced her retirement from her position as Superintendent of New Fairfield Public Schools earlier this Spring, Dr. Patricia Cosentino issued a letter on May 3, 2022, about details of her retirement and her plans for the future.

Dr. Cosentino said, “This was a difficult decision for me, but I had reached the point in my life where the pace of the position was no longer one that I wanted to maintain.”

“Since that time,” Cosentino said, “I came across an opportunity that allows me to continue the work that I love, in a much more modest capacity.”

She will be appointed as Interim, Part-Time Superintendent at The Sherman School starting on July 1, 2022. Ut is a 2-day a week position and the school has 240 children in grades PreK-8. “It is a perfect role for me as I leave New Fairfield and full-time employment,” said Cosentino.

Read the letter in full, below. (Click on letter to enlarge.)

Dr. Cosentino was previously Principal of Berry School and Principal of Bethel High School for 11 years, from 2001 to 2012.

“Making the transition from Berry School to Bethel High School has been amazing,”  Dr. Cosentino said. 

Working in Bethel schools changed her as a person in many ways. “When you are a principal of a school you are a leader of a family. You feel their joy and pain. You help them work through it and support them. As you get older you get wiser and try to teach the students and staff how precious life is. Don’t sweat the small stuff,” Dr. Cosentino said.

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The Bethel Advocate wishes you much success and happiness Dr. Cosentino!