Connecticut Magazine Cites Senator Boucher on Protecting Rails and Fighting Tolls

Report by Paula Antolini
March 25, 2018 5:48PM EDT



Connecticut Magazine Cites Senator Boucher on Protecting Rails and Fighting Tolls

Message from Senator Toni Boucher:

Dear Friend,

The April issue of Connecticut Magazine discusses two Malloy administration proposals that would have major negative economic impact on the people of our state: (1) bringing back tolls on Connecticut highways and (2) cutting back service on branch lines of the Metro North railway.

I am pleased to be cited in their article as a staunch opponent of both of these proposals. Here are two excerpts:

On Proposed Cuts in Metro North Branch Service
State Senator Toni Boucher R-Wilton, who co-chairs the state’s transportation committee agrees (that cutting back branch line service would hurt communities). “The branch lines always have had a target on their back,” she says. “The trains are critical to local economies. If there is not a train line into New York that you can sell as an advantage to someone who might buy your home, then you’ve lost one of the big reasons for relocation to Connecticut.” 

On Proposed Tolls on Connecticut Highways
State Senator Toni Boucher lives in Wilton, one of the towns which may have its Metro North train service cut back dramatically. She is against tolls, feeling they would not be fair for nine-to-fivers who must use roads during rush hour. “Tolls only capture those people who have to go through them,” she says. They hurt those that can least afford to pay them. I’m opposed to tolls unless they cut the gas tax and other taxes. Tolls could cost $60 per week ($240 per month) to some people.”

To read the full Connecticut magazine article, please click on the link below:

Connecticut Magazine: Rails and Tolls Article

I have made the case to legislators many times that our families and businesses are already suffering from the enormous financial burdens placed on them by our state and that the last thing we should be doing is adding more by cutting rail service and instituting tolls on our highways.

In order to turn our state around and re-energize its economy, we need to focus on removing financial burdens, not adding new ones.

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Together We Can Build a Better Connecticut!

Thank you.

Toni Boucher

State Senator
& Exploring Candidate for Governor

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