Concerns About Bethel Proposed Turf Field: Letter to the Editor from Frances Pulle

Report by Paula Antolini
February 2, 2017 8:50AM EDT


Concerns About Bethel Proposed Turf Field: Letter to the Editor from Frances Pulle


(From time to time ?? Yankee Doodle * (a.k.a. the DOO) weighs in on local issue)?


“What’s this I hear Ol’ Bethel High’s
contemplatin’ plastic grass ?
that absorbs heat during the summer and ??
releases hazardous gas?!”

“That further warms the air above, ***
perfect storm for stuff to stew. . .
Puddled precip collects on top, ****
add mice/bird droppings, dog DOO.” ??

“When Johnney comes marchin’ home ?
from school and says: ‘Hey ma ‘n’ pa!
Check out my latest abrasion!’ *****⚽️⚾️?
(Ya think they shout hurrah?)”

“Teammates attest they inhale, ingest ?
powdered pellets. . . Particulates pose*** ***
a threat to people, places, pets? ??
(in a nutshell: nobody knows)”

“Aesop put it best: ‘Pray, BEFORE you leap ?
rest, stop, consider, think, analyze, chill’. . .
Insurance, upkeep, creeping debt (knee-deep), *** ****
DOO we wanna be bleepin Brazil?”??

“There’s always kick-boxing, chess, Irish dance,?
marching band, cheering, karate. . .?
Seriously? Dakota and Daisy ditch sports

“Sun-dappled sod seeded naturally, friends, ?????
scrubs planet earth ? squeaky clean! **** ****
DOO buck trends that suck in the end. . . ?
It’s not easy (Kermit ? quote) being green.”

Frances Pulle
Bethel CT


*State song
**benzothiazole, toluene, significant amounts of CO2; called “off-gassing”
***by 15-20 degrees
****toxic run-off leaches into soil & groundwater
*****open invitation to antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA
*** ***Geofill (coconut husks & fibers) is the new “crumb topping”. Longterm effects
have been termed “problematic”.
*** ****projected price of almost half a million dollars doesn’t include field prep, infill or
**** ****healthy lawns increase soil stability through deep and expansive root structure;
cool the air; take up CO2, dust, pollutants, particulate matter from atmosphere;
are preferred by pro athletes


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