Bethel Public Schools Has New ‘Raptor Visitor Management System’ to Screen Visitors

Report by Paula Antolini, August 20, 2021, 2:42PM EDT

Bethel Public Schools has a new “Raptor Visitor Management System” which you can see described below in the video. Dr. Christine Carver stated, “Raptor is a new visitor management system by which we seek to screen visitors to the building, again, sexual predator data bases, and it also allows us to know who ism in the building and for what purpose, for the overall security of our building.” Carver said that the system will also be used for tardy students to sign in and receive a paper pass to walk to class. She then demonstrated the procedure.

To sign in, the system requires visitors to ring a bell outside the building then show their license in order to be let into the building. Next, to be signed in, visitors must scan the bar code on the back of their driver’s license, and a photo will also need to be taken. You will then be allowed to enter the main office to obtain a paper tag for you to wear. When visitors are ready to leave the building, after the appointment has been completed, visitors will scan their license once again and be signed out. They can then leave the building.

From Bethel Public Schools: “As promised, click below to see how to operate our new visitor management system outlined in my email to families! We will use the system to sign in/out visitors to the school and students who are tardy to school! Please note, this is not a Hollywood production! A special thanks to Rachel Caram, Cindy Feuerman and the IT staff for helping me with the video!”