PHOTOS: Bethel High School Oct. 8 Pep Rally Was Lively, Loud, Motivating and Fun!

The Bethel High School Pep Rally is an annual event to debut the fall sports teams.  Teachers, administrators and students were at the Bethel High School track on Thursday, October  8, 2015, to welcome the teams and cheer for the students who participated in various games and activities.

Report by Paula Antolini
October 10, 2015 2:23PM EDT


Bethel High School Oct. 8 Pep Rally Was Lively, Loud, Motivating and Fun!

The Bethel High School Pep Rally is an annual event to debut the fall sports teams.  Teachers, administrators and students were at the Bethel High School track on Thursday, October  8, 2015, to welcome the teams and cheer for the students who participated in various games and activities.

The sport teams entered the track first, one by one, soccer, cross country, field hockey, girls swim, volleyball, cheer team and football. Team captains spoke for each team, reporting scores of the season so far, and urging everyone to attend games.

There was also a cheering contest to see which high school grade could cheer the loudest.

On the field there was a water balloon toss, a sack race and a tug-o-war.  The marching band performed on the field.

There were two relay races, girls and boys competitions with a member of each grade on each team.  Seniors won the boys race and Sophomores won the girls race.

Students left the field at dismissal time and were all excited to cheer on the Homecoming Football Game.

Homecoming Game TONIGHT at the Bethel Track!!

(Game was postponed to tonight from Friday night due to rainy weather.)


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