Bethel Fire Department and EMS Hosted a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Training Event

Report by Paula Antolini, July 20, 2021, 2:08PM EDT

Message from Bethel Fire Department and EMS:

For most people, the thought of a school bus accident or an active shooter scenario is one’s worst nightmare. It is for us too, but as volunteer first responders, we need to be prepared to act in the most extreme circumstances.

Last night during our weekly EMS drill, the Bethel Fire Department and EMS hosted a mass casualty incident (MCI) training event. Participants practiced a school bus accident scenario (filled with volunteer children who did a FANTASTIC job challenging our members), walked through active-shooter protocols with the assistance of the Bethel Police Department, and refreshed on triage and incident management.

This is the training we do in our off time. This is the commitment we’re making for our community. Want to get in on the action? Join our team today!

Thanks to the members from Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company and Roxbury EMS for participating, as well as the Bethel Dept. of Education who arranged for our school bus and kid volunteers.