‘Will Haskell has never held a job … never paid taxes … never bought a home … and wants to be senator’ —Wilton Common Ground

Report by Paula Antolini
October 30, 2018, 1:15PM EDT



‘Will Haskell has never held a job … never paid taxes … never bought a home … and wants to be senator’ —Wilton Common Ground

Message from Wilton Common Ground:

Will Haskell wants to replace Toni Boucher as our state senator.

Haskell has never held a job. He has never paid taxes. He has never bought a home and watched its value decline year after year.

Yet now he wants one of the most important positions in the state where he can make tax policy for you and pass laws that will determine the selling price of your house.

Why does he want this job? He says he represents “change.” But that’s not true.

For 40 years the legislative branch of Connecticut’s government has been controlled by the Democratic Party. During that time the state economy has contracted, taxes of all kinds have increased, state employee benefits have expanded, property values have plummeted, and tens of thousands of residents have left to live elsewhere. Even the Democrats admit the state is in deep trouble.

Today, after years of incremental gains, the state senate is tied 18 to 18 between the Democrats and Republicans. Defeating Toni Boucher would flip the balance and restore the Democrats’ grip on state finances ensuring that nothing ever changes.

That’s why the Democratic Party is putting all its muscle against Boucher and why Haskell is raising money in living rooms on 72nd Street in Manhattan.

Haskell isn’t the face of change. He’s the next generation status quo.

This is election isn’t about Trump or guns or women’s rights. It’s about entrenched power and transferring wealth from taxpayers to an increasingly hostile and unaccountable public sector.

Will Haskell is surely a nice guy. Bright and young. We’d proudly have him serve on a town commission where he can learn about finances and the impact of public policies on the lives of good people trying to raise a family in this once great state.

Until then, vote for Toni. She is our best hope for real change in Hartford.

 — with Bethel Republicans.



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