Will Duff to Make Run for Second Term, 2nd District, Unanimous Endorsement by the Assembled Delegates


Report by Paula Antolini
May 21, 2018 1:27PM EDT


Will Duff to Make Run for Second Term, 2nd District, Unanimous Endorsement by the Assembled Delegates

BETHEL, May 16 – State Rep. Will Duff (R-2) received the unanimous endorsement by the assembled delegates as their candidate to represent the 2nd Assembly District, which is comprised of the majority of Bethel and portions of Danbury, Redding and Newtown, held at Bethel Town Hall.

In his acceptance speech Rep. Duff said, “I’m grateful to you for unanimously nominating me to again run for the honor of serving a second term as the 2nd Assembly District’s voice and Representative in Hartford. It is an enormous responsibility to serve all residents and the needs of our community.  I work every day to make sure the people of Bethel, Danbury, Redding and Newtown don’t get pushed out of the conversation,” said Rep. Will Duff. “In this age of political bickering, I have brought a new positive prospective to the State Capitol, voting for two (2) bi-partisan state budget agreements that both sides compromised to achieve.”

Rep. Duff mentioned that in the budget compromises, the people of the 2nd District will see that the state has now implemented a state spending cap, the same cap Connecticut residents voted overwhelmingly for in 1992. We also added a state bonding cap and volatility cap both of which protect your present and future tax dollars from being frivolously spent.

“After I was sworn into office my first bill I filed was to eliminate the state income tax on Social Security and pensions, and what I call a major victory for the retired and those who wish to one day retire in Connecticut, within the state budget compromise we were able to get a phase out of those taxes,” said Rep. Duff. “I am also proud we were able to defeat several toll proposals which would have substantially hurt middle class families and small businesses in the greater Danbury region.”

“This year’s election is about building on the reforms of the last two years. I am convinced the slight structural reforms to our state budget and prosperity will be reversed if the Democrats swell their majorities once again and let the politics of Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport s run our state’s economy. We must stabilize and grow state revenues organically, reversing the outward migration of people, employers and jobs, so our state can get a piece of the nation’s modest economic recovery,” said Rep Duff. “A vote for Will Duff is a vote to send a message that we must end this destructive cycle and start healing Connecticut by balancing budgets without raising taxes, cutting education and cutting core services to our state’s most vulnerable.”

Duff is in his first House of Representatives and serves on the Higher Education and Advancement, Energy and Technology and Banking Committees.

Rep. Duff has a strong legislative record here is a small sample of 2018 legislation he proudly supported and co-sponsored includes:

·       HB-5059, An Act Exempting Pension Income And Social Security Benefits From The Personal Income Tax.

·       HB-5171, An Act Prohibiting The Executive Branch From Making Rescissions Or Other Reductions To The Education Cost Sharing Grant During The Fiscal Year.  

·       HB-5208, An Act Concerning Mammograms, Breast Ultrasounds And Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of Breasts. 

·       HB-5239, An Act Concerning Eligibility For Certain Veterans’ Property Tax Exemptions.

·       HB-5257, An Act Concerning Reports Of Abuse Or Neglect Of Persons With Intellectual Disability Or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

·       HB-5452, An Act Concerning The Recommendations Of The Task Force On Life-Threatening Food Allergies In Schools.  

·       SB-17, An Act Concerning Procedures Related To Collecting And Processing Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kits.

·       SB-284, An Act Concerning Benefits For Certain Veterans Who Have Been Diagnosed With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Or Traumatic Brain Injury Or Who Have Had An Experience Of Military Sexual Trauma.

·       SB-463, An Act Establishing A Task Force To Study The Needs Of Persons With Intellectual Disability And Pilot Programs To Establish And Evaluate Alternative Service Models For Persons With Intellectual Disability.

·       SB-466, An Act Concerning Dual Arrests And The Training Required Of Law Enforcement Personnel With Respect To Domestic Violence.



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