Walmart in Danbury Showed Many Customers Were Buying Supplies and the Line of Shoppers Outside Were Social Distancing

Report by Paula Antolini, May 2, 2020, 8:36AM EDT

A visit to Walmart on Newtown Road in Danbury, CT yesterday afternoon found a full parking lot and a line of customers waiting to enter the store. Most of the customers and workers were social distancing (standing at least 6 feet apart) but some were not, and almost all were wearing masks.

People exiting the store had full shopping carts of supplies, most notably toilet paper, which customers said was limited 1 per-customer. Other than toilet paper, items that were seen in carts heading towards cars were comfort items like pillows, and basic food staples. Also seen were large and small plastic storage containers and gardening supplies.

Customers said most supplies were in stock.

Locally, there were no lines of customers waiting to enter grocery stores such as Caraluzzi Market in Bethel and the parking lot was about 3/4 full at 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

We spoke to Caraluzzi Manager Paul Renaldi but he refused to comment on supplies in stock or limits on products per-customer.