Update Letter from the Bethel Public Schools Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christine Carver

Report by Paula Antolini
September 21, 2018, 8:55AM EDT

Update Letter from the Bethel Public Schools Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christine Carver

Last night at our regular Board of Education Meeting, I presented our district focus for the coming school year. This focus is established in collaboration with our administrators and teachers to better prepare our students to be enter a 21st century global workforce. We are going to continue our work in creating critical thinkers and develop a culture and climate which is respectful and embraces diversity.

We measure our success as a system, not simply on standardized assessments, but the work that they do in classrooms every day to demonstrate those global competencies. That being said, we are very proud of our assessment results from the 2017-2018 school year. While we always perform above state average on state (Smarter Balanced) and local assessments (MAP, Advance Placement Exams, PSAT, etc.), we are most proud of our growth data or did we move every student? I would encourage you to review the district data and in the next few weeks, for students in grades 3-8, you will be receiving a copy of your individual child’s report on progress on the Smarter Balanced assessment.

Speaking of being proud, we are also extremely proud of our students, families, and staff who participated in GO ORANGE! September is No Kid Hungry Month. No Kid Hungry is Bethel Public Schools’ opportunity to be a part of a movement that has a real and lasting impact on the mission to end hunger in America!

We held a food drive at all Bethel Public Schools yesterday and encourage students to donate a kid-friendly food items; meaning that it can be opened and consumed without adult assistance. Items collected will be distributed by school social workers and other agencies RIGHT HERE IN BETHEL!

THANK YOU for your commitment to end childhood hunger in our Community!



Lastly, a reminder, given the weather last year, we adjusted our school time schedule to include a three (3) hour delay. Therefore, if we have an inclement weather day, we have the option to do a two (2) hour or three (3) hour delay. Please make a plan in advance with your family should we need to use a (3) hour delay option during the school year.
2018-2019 School Time Schedule:

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