U.S. Military Museum in Danbury CT Closed, Large Collection Donated to Museum of American Armor in New York

Report by Paula Antolini
September 2, 2017 6:37PM EDT



U.S. Military Museum in Danbury CT Closed, Large Collection Donated to Museum of American Armor in New York

On August 31, 2017 the U.S. Military Museum at 125 Park Avenue in Danbury, CT announced it is officially closed and the vast military collection will be donated to The Museum of American Armor in Old Bethpage (Long Island) New York.

“So it’s official now, we are moving the collection to Long Island after 32 years in Danbury Connecticut, this really was the best case scenario for our collection which will now reside indoors instead of rusting out in the elements,” officials from the U.S. Military Museum said.


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The Museum of American Armor will be the recipient of tanks, armor vehicles, photos, uniforms, military equipment, and various exhibits totaling over 10,000 artifacts donated by the U.S. Military Museum in Danbury, Connecticut, which is closing its doors after 22 years of operation.

“The strength of our exhibits and the underlying mission have never wavered,” stated Al Barto, U.S. Military Museum Secretary. “From its first day to its last, this museum has been about paying tribute to the American G.I., and our defense of freedom. This is a difficult decision for us but it was made with considerable care to ensure that the legacy of the U.S. Military Museum lives on by gifting our assets to the Museum of American Armor on Long Island.”



Lawrence Kadish, Founder and President of the Museum of American Armor, stated, “Anyone who opens their museum doors to the public recognizes we are custodians of our nation’s military heritage. Our Danbury colleagues created a powerful destination over the years that reminded visitors of our collective debt to those who have worn the uniform of America’s military. With their donation of armor and exhibits we have expanded our responsibility to continue honoring that legacy of courage and valor.”






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