UPDATED: Triple Win! Incumbent Bethel Board of Selectmen Wins Another Term, See All Bethel Election Results

Report by Paula Antolini, November 6, 2019, 6:38AM

INCUMBENT WINNERS! Left to right, First Selectman Matthew Knickerbocker, Selectman Paul Szatkowski and Selectman Richard Straiton. (Photo ©2018 Paula Antolini / Bethel Advocate)

In a dazzling repeat triple-win for the Incumbent Board of Selectmen, First Selectman Matthew Knickerbocker (D) 2,396 votes (correction from chart below), Selectman Richard Straiton (D) 2,650 votes and Selectman Paul Szatkowski (R) 2,299 votes, and were all smiles last night after the final election results were tallied.

For Bethel First Selectman, Incumbent First Selectman Knickerbocker received 2,396 votes and opponents Pat Rist 1,946 votes, and William (Bill) Ochs 312 votes. Opponents graciously congratulated the winners.

For Bethel Selectman, Incumbent Selectman Richard Straiton (D) had 2,650 votes and Incumbent Selectman Paul Szatkowski had 2,299, winning over Pat Rist by 353 votes.

For Town Treasurer Pat Smithwick (D) won with 2,559 votes over William Duff (R) with 2,376 votes, a difference of 183 votes.

Republicans/Independents made a clean sweep on the Board of Finance, with Nicholas Ellis (R/I) receiving 2.965 votes, Brian Terzian (R/I) 2,639 votes, and Cynthia McCorkindale (R/I) 2,530 votes, over Democrat challengers Claudia Stephen with 2,480 votes and Karen Foster 2,455 votes.

Republican/Independents dominated the win, and one Democrat, on the Board of Education with Daniel M. Nostin (R/I) 2,799 votes, Courtney R. Martin (R/I) 2,759 votes, Scott Anthony Clayton (R/I) 2,658 votes Cathy Schaefer (D) with 2,355, over challengers Allison Jacobs Stowell (D) with 2,319 votes and Frances Pulle (R/I) 2,318 votes, Danielle Monroe (D) 2,277 votes, and Jennie Davidson Brown (D) 2,262 votes.

Republican/Independents swept the Board of Assessment Appeals with Bruce Cornwell (R/I) 2,558 votes, Gerard J. Amend (R/I) 2,338 votes over Democrat opponents Gary Passineau (D) 2,286 votes and Fern Blair Hart 2,239 votes.

The Planning & Zoning Commission was an equal split, between Republican/Independents and Democrats, two each, with Robert J. Legnard (R/I) 2,703 votes, Penny Kessler (D) 2,669 votes, Kenneth B. Parsons, Jr. (R/I) 2,451 votes, Richard Tibbetts (D) 2,423 votes, over opponents Francis J. Oldham (R/I) 2,362 votes, Robert Stowell (D) 2,289 votes and Gil Lettelier 2,081 votes.

Planning & Zoning Commission Alternates was also split with one each Democrat and Republican/Independent, with Rob Wallace (D) 2,775 votes and Linda C. Curtis (R/I) 2,648 votes over challenger Ralph Stein (D) 2,260 votes.

Republican/Independents swept the Zoning Board of Appeals Full Term with Bobbi Jo Beers (R/I) 3,137 votes, Melanie Ryan (R/I) 2,775 votes, over Cyndie McGuire 2,424 votes.

Republican/Independents swept the Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate with Susan M. Dolan (R/I) 2,497 votes and Stephen T. Ippolito (R/I) 2,281 votes over opponents Stanley Kessler (D) 2,213 votes and Ken Kopec (D) 2,202 votes.

The Inland Wetlands Commission was split with one Republican/Independent and one Democrat, Pat Perrefort (D) 2,778 votes and Gregory S. Johnston (R/I) 2,498 votes over opponent Lou David (D) 2,471 votes.

The Inland Wetlands Commission Alternate was won by Republican/Independent Patricia L. Sell with 3,436 votes, unopposed.

The Police Commission was swept by Democrats, Amy Mannion (D) with 2,565 votes and Peter J. Valenti 2,393 votes over opponents Michael Duff (R/I) 2,209 votes and William H. Slifkin (R/I), 2,188 votes.

View more photos below:

Bethel has special equipment by which the blind can vote.

UPDATE November 6, 2019, 11:00AM EDT:

We have word that there is a recount on some of the votes, we will post information as we receive it.


UPDATE November 6, 2019, 5:20AM EDT:

View new figures from Bethel Registrar Tim Beeble, below.

He said, “No race qualifies for an automatic recount.:”


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