This is The Time of Year to Get Your Flu Shot: Bethel Community Flu Clinic Schedule

Report by Paula Antolini, October 11, 2019, 9:45AM EDT

Message from Bethel Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Christine Carver:

This is the time of year to get your flu shot!

This week there was a community health clinic for Flu Shots at Berry School and with our district staff. Getting your child/family a flu shot is the best prevention in spreading the virus.

As you are aware, because of the number of people, schools are often the place where viruses can easily spread. The more of us that are vaccinated, the less risk and the healthier we are.

Please call your pediatrician or family doctor to see if you should have your child vaccinated and schedule an appointment.

There are also a number of other community locations that you can receive flu shots (pharmacies, grocery stores, etc.). Bethel VNA Community Flu Clinics – Complete listing of Bethel VNA flu clinics: Flu Clinics



  • BERRY SCHOOL Gymnasium
    October 18th (Friday) 9:30-11:30, Bethel Senior Center
  • October 18th (Friday) 11:30am-1:30pm, Caraluzzi’s Market
  • October 25th (Friday) 10:00am-1:00pm, Union Savings Bank, Stony Hill Branch
  • October 29th (Tuesday) 10:00am-1:00pm, Bethel Senior Center

Information about 2019 Flu Clinics

Preservative-free High-Dose for 65+years AND Preservative-free Quadrivalent for 6 months+ available as supplies allow. Please check our website for scheduling updates

Please bring your current medical insurance card – Insurances that will be billed directly are: Aetna, Anthem, ConnectiCare, Harvard Pilgrim, Medicare Part B, Medicare Advantage Plans with Aetna, Anthem BC/BS, ConnectiCare.

NO CHARGE for children 4 years and under regardless of insurance.

NO CHARGE for children 18 and under who are Medicaid or Husky A/B enrolled, under-insured, no health insurance coverage, American Indian or Alaskan native.

  • If you do not have a participating insurance plan, we offer competitive rates. Payment accepted by cash, check, health savings account, debit or credit card. For more detailed information about Seasonal Influenza vaccines, visit CDC.gov
  • For a complete listing of other local flu clinics, please visit: Bethelvna.org or call us at 203-792-0864.


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