The Bethel Police Union Endorses Dan Carter for State Representative of the 2nd District

Report by Paula Antolini, September 5, 2020, 11:26AM EDT

The Bethel Police Union has endorsed candidate Dan Carter for State Representative of the 2nd District in a letter as follows:

The Bethel Police Union, as an organization, has prided itself on remaining neutral in matters of politics. We have held this position because we, in good faith, have trusted elected officials on both sides of the isle to pursue legislation that focuses on victims of crime and the public we serve in our district. Unfortunately, we no longer have that faith in State Representative Rhagib Allie-Brennan and break from our tradition of political
neutrality by publicly endorsing Dan Carter for State Representative.

During the General Assembly’s Special Session to discuss “police accountability” (HB 6004), our members reached out to State Representative Rhagib Allie-Brennan having several conversations with him that have been ignored. Our members acknowledged the concerns raised in support of the bill, and requested to work with Representative Allie-Brennan and his colleagues to construct meaningful legislation that would address concerns raised without coming at the expense of the victims and public we serve. Despite these emphatic pleas to work together, Representative Allie-Brennan showed his allegiance to “party leadership” and identity politics, rather than to the people that elected him to office and the public he has a duty to serve.

Representative Allie-Brennan vocally supported this bill after being fully advised of the numerous negative impacts that this bill will have on victims of crime and the public at large. Moreover, he voted for this bill in a manner that undermines the legislative process that is designed to produce sound legislation when he voted on the bill and did not allow the State Senate to make any changes. Changes that the “highest deliberative body” in the legislature may have seen fit. Representative Allie-Brennan has proven his lack of integrity by betraying the people of the 2nd District and representing the passions and dictates of his party’s leadership. The people of the 2nd District deserve better than Representative Allie-Brennan. They deserve a candidate who puts the people above party; they deserve Dan Carter.

Dan Carter is a man of integrity who has proven his dedication to the people of the 2nd District during the six years he represented our town. Dan has always made himself accessible to the people and has shown his commitment to the people over party politics by reaching out to explore both sides of an issue in order to make an informed decision. Dan has also shown his support of victims of crime and public safety by sponsoring
legislation in furtherance of public safety.

Integrity is within the individual, not their party. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, we believe the person we vote for should have integrity. Dan Carter has proven his integrity to our District.

The men and woman of the Bethel Police Union are proud of the town that we serve and will always stand up for our community. It is for these reasons that we humbly ask for your support and ask that you stand with us and support Dan Carter!

The men and women of the Bethel Police Union.