Sunday Afternoon Writing Workshops at Byrd’s Books with Judith Marks-White, Feb. 7-Apr. 17

Byrd’s Books continues to host their very popular workshops on Sunday afternoons. Each workshop is conducted by Judith Marks-White and lasts about two hours.

Report by Paula Antolini
February 6, 2016 12:26PM EDT


Sunday Afternoon Writing Workshops at Byrd’s Books with Judith Marks-White, Feb. 7-Apr. 17

Byrd’s Books continues to host their very popular workshops on Sunday afternoons. Each workshop is conducted by Judith Marks-White and lasts about two hours.

Sunday February 7, 2016 at 3:00 PM EST
Sunday April 17, 2016 at 5:00 PM EDT

Byrd’s Books
126 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, CT 06801
Each of the participants is given a series of prompts and asked to write on one of them for about twenty minutes. As the work is then shared, the variety is impressive. The goal is to work toward publication.
This workshop is suitable for beginning writers and accomplished, alike. This is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon- I think you will get a lot out of it!
The dates and times: You may register for one, or all of them (see registration button below). The fee for each workshop is $20.00, which is passed directly to the instructor.
The dates in this series of workshops:
All the workshops are Sundays at 3:00pm
Sunday February 7th
Sunday February 28th
Sunday March 13th
Sunday April 3rd
Sunday April 17th
About the author:
Award-winning Westport News columnist and novelist, Ms. Marks-White has been involved in the design and instruction of creative writing programs in Connecticut, and has taught writing for many years. She was an adjunct Professor of English/Writing at Norwalk Community College for many years where she won Teacher of the Year Award for 2005 “for imparting wisdom with contagious enthusiasm” and where she continues to teach a course in the Art and Marketing of Humor Writing.
Ms. Marks-White turned her attention to novel writing.  “Seducing Harry” was her debut novel.  Her second novel, is “Bachelor Degree”. Both are published by Random House/Ballantine.  She is presently working on her third novel. Ms. Marks-White lives in Connecticut.
To register for the workshops click below.
Get more information
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Please call the store for any additional information.


Byrds Books
126 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, CT 06801

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