‘Sticky Fingers’ Political Sign Grabber Caught on Video, Do You Know Who This Man Is?

Report by Paula Antolini, October 14, 2020, 5:10PM EDT

According to Republican Dan Carter, candidate for CT State Representative 2nd District, a man was caught on video in Bethel removing one of Carter’s political campaign signs. View video below:

Carter said, “Sticky fingers. We have had a number of signs disappear and moved around town. Today we caught an individual on video tampering with signs. Does anyone know who this is?”

Apparently the man had second thoughts. Later, Carter said, “He stopped by and apologized. I am not sure who he is, but he did the right thing.  This is an emotional time.”

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“Let’s just say he feels I don’t represent him, and I respect him for telling me to my face. Emotions are running high and people need to step back and get a grip, especially with local races. We can duke it out over policy, but personal stuff has to stop. And people shouldn’t be petty and steal signs, especially when many are purchased with taxpayer money,” Carter said.

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Carter lost about 20-30 signs out of about 300 he placed this year, he said, “Many more than I have lost in previous years.”

Carter added, “Mine are not taxpayer-funded, by the way.”

Carter did not get the man’s name. “He didn’t give a name and I didn’t ask. At least he was big enough to say he shouldn’t have grabbed the sign,” said Carter.

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