Snow and Ice Removal Policy in the Town of Bethel CT

Report by Paula Antolini
November 16, 2018, 5:59PM EDT


Snow and Ice Removal Policy in the Town of Bethel CT

Many people are asking who is responsible to remove snow from sidewalks an public areas.

There is a Snow and Ice Removal Ordinance in the Town of Bethel Charter under Chapter 92 as follows:

§92-1 Responsibility; penalties for noncompliance.
[History: Adopted by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Bethel 7-18-1987.1 Amendments noted where applicable.]

§92-1. Responsibility; penalties for noncompliance.

Be it ordained by the Town of Bethel, Connecticut, that every person or corporation owning or occupying any land fronting upon any sidewalk within said Town shall, within six hours of daylight immediately following the cessation of any fall of snow or accumulation of ice thereon, cause the same to be removed and, if necessary, apply sand or other materials to the surface so travel of pedestrians upon said sidewalk shall not be obstructed, dangerous or inconvenient and, upon failure to do so within the time limit, shall forfeit and pay a fine of not more than $50. After the expiration of said time limit, if such snow and ice shall not have been removed, the Director of Public Works of the Town of Bethel may cause the same to be removed at the expense of such owner or occupier, such expense to be recovered of such owner or occupier in an action brought in the name of the Town of Bethel.

1. Editor’s Note: This ordinance was originally designated as Ch. 85 but was included as Ch. 92 to maintain the alphabetical sequence of the Code.



The Bethel Highway Department also offers some important information:

The Highway Department is located off of Route 53 on Sympaug Park Road. This office is responsible for the road maintenance and snow removal around the town. This department also determines the Leaf Pick-up Schedule during the late fall and early winter months

Report Dead Animals

To report a dead deer, please call the Police Department at 203-743-5500. For all other dead animals, please contact the Public Works office at 203-794-8549.




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