Search for Bethel Beloved Family Dog Continues After Frightening Phone Call Received

Report by Paula Antolini, June 2, 2020, 3:02PM EDT

UPDATE 6-22-20:

We have sad news, Suki was found deceased. We just heard from Suki’s owner with this message: “Sadly Suki was found deceased tonight. Thank you to everyone who looked for her or prayed for her or sent good wishes.” We will follow up if any additional info. is received.


Original story June 2, 2020:

It is bad enough when a family pet suddenly disappears without a trace, but then to receive a frightening phone call in the middle of the night from an unknown caller, makes it even worse.

A Bethel family is continuing their heart-wrenching search for their beloved female Golden Retriever dog, Suki (pronounced “soo-kee”) who seemed to simply vanish on Sunday, May 24th, from the family property in Bethel, CT.

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The search has been lead by Bethel resident Jessica Anna Roscetti whose mother, Sherri Holmberg, also of Bethel, owns Suki. Posters are hung around town, and animal control officers, veterinarians, dog groomers, police, search and rescue (S&R) organizations, and anyone else who can help, have all been contacted, Roscetti said. In fact, there is a search by a professionally trained S&R dog team happening today.

As the daily search continues, Ms. Roscetti said that her mom receive a frightening and strange call in the middle of early morning last Tuesday. Roscetti said, “Someone called my mom at 3:46 a.m. to say Sukes was shot, could barely crawl, how much would my mom pay for her, and when she said ‘what?’ because [it was] 3:46 in the morning, they hung up.”

A report was placed with the Bethel Police Department in hopes that they could trace and locate the caller by getting a subpoena to find the phone number because it was blank on caller ID, Roscetti said.

Editor note: We contacted the Bethel Police but the report was not ready to be released yet, a representative from the records division said. We will update this story as more info. is received.

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The family does not know if this was a prank call, a scam to get reward money, or even a truthful story that the person had the injured dog, or some other reason for the call. It certainly scared the family and is quite a nightmare. It also worsened all the scenarios one goes through in trying to imagine what happened to their pet or where she is now, or even if she is still alive, after being gone over a week. But there is hope. We hear about dogs traveling miles for long periods of time and surviving, and returning home, so please keep a look out for Suki.


The Holmberg family was having a dinner party with 5 friends when their dog disappeared off the mother’s property at approximately 6 p.m. on May 24th, Roscetti said. “Immediately everyone started searching” said Roscetti. They searched up and down the road, down near a pond, in the woods, searching until 9:15 p.m. Then Holmberg said, “Give it a day,” but Roscetti disagreed saying, “The dog is fat and old, she never wants to go anywhere, she just watches the chickens and hangs out, it makes no sense.” Roscetti then got in her car with friends and searched for Suki until 1:00 a.m. “We’ve seen neither hide nor hair of her,” Roscetti said, “We started the search again at 6:00 a.m. on Monday, because we love her and are devoted to finding her.”

Roscetti said they knocked on many doors in the search. “We did this all day. We knocked on so many doors, we’ve spoken to all of Bethel,” she said, “Everybody’s been so nice, we are so lucky.” The search continued on Tuesday and every day since, in some manner.

Suki has never roamed before, Roscetti said. There are several other animals on her mom’s property, besides Suki, treated very well according to Roscetti. “She makes them pot roast with sweet potatoes and rice every night. It’s the most spoiled dog,” Roscetti said about her mom’s love of Suki, “The Shangri-la of dog life and there’s no upgrade from it.” .

“She is very demanding about her dinner and she was not there to demand her dinner that night,” Roscetti said about Suki, “It doesn’t make any sense.”

A recent call for help on Facebook, for people to gather at St. Mary Church in Bethel to help search for Suki, resulted in approximately 40 people offering to help, in 24 hours. “Complete strangers offering to help,” Roscetti said, “We are so lucky that the community would show up to help like that.” Each group searched a different section of town, also knocking on doors, but unfortunately Suki has still not been found.

“My mother is devastated,” Roscetti said, “They absolutely love each other. Suki follows my mom everywhere. She sits waiting outside the barn while my mom works in the garden.” She cannot imagine why Suki would ever wander.

Suki was originally owned by a man whose health started to decline after he was moved into the “Dementia Unit” in a local health care facility, Roscetti said, “It became more and more difficult to care for Suki.”

“He was a lovely, nice man but he had started to deteriorate, and after discussion with the family, they said we should put Suki somewhere else because she’s suffering, because it’s a strange thing to live in an elderly care facility,” Roscetti said. Suki was walked a few times a day but that was about it, she said.

Ms. Roscetti is in the health care industry doing pet care for seniors, taking the pets to doctor or grooming appointments etc. and walking the pets, so seniors did not have to do that.

Roscetti spoke to the owner’s family and they said they should re-home the dog, “But the problem is, nobody wants a 12-year-old dog,” said Roscetti. She knew that Suki would be perfect for her mom, Sherri Holmberg.

It was not long before Suki and Ms. Holmberg became inseparable, until Suki suddenly disappeared May 24th.

Suki was last seen wearing a blue collar and a purple bandana. Suki is described as very calm and friendly, but is afraid of thunderstorms, and a thunder coat would be placed on her during storms. Roscetti said Suki is not chipped because in one year, “This one old dog never left the yard.” A GPS collar was on her at one time but it malfunctioned and unfortunately was not on her at the time she disappeared, Roscetti said.

“We are desperate to find her. She had this hard life with somebody that was not quite all there, and it’s wasn’t the best dog life. Now my mom takes her on vacation to the beach and feeds her pot roast and she has the best life, and we just want her back where she can continue the best life until she’s done. She’s supposed to die taking a nap in the sun, like good dogs are supposed to go, not lost in the woods.”

We asked what Suki meant to Ms. Roscetti and she responded, “She is the best. I work a job that requires a lot of emotional extension on my part. There’s a lot of extension of my empathy and to come home to animals that love you, without any question about it, means more than anything in the world. And Suki is that.”

A reward is offered, no questions asked, and Suki can be dropped off at their residence, they said. A flyer circulated by the family reads, “Call 203-994-7595 if you’re interested in reward money or drop her off at 37 Sunset Hill Rd. in Bethel. No questions asked.”

Also call if you see the dog anywhere, or if you have any other pertinent information to help zero in on a search location. There was one false sighting so far, that turned out to be someone else’s dog. Take a look at the photos below to help in this search.

Let’s all hope Suki is found safe soon. Share this story in hopes someone has taken in the dog for safe-keeping and is unaware of the search, and will see this.


Sherri Holmberg with Suki.

Search party group who met at St. Mary Church.