Response from Mr. Poirot of Eversource Regarding Electric Power Restoration in Bethel

Report by Paula Antolini, August 11, 2020, 2:41PM EDT

Downed electric wires and trees on Route 58 in Bethel, CT, after
Tropical Storm Isaias on August 4, 2020.

The Bethel Advocate contacted numerous Eversource officials today, and the Bethel First Selectman, regarding an update on the outage and restoration situation in Bethel. Here is one response today, Aug. 11th, 1:40pm, from Mr. Frank Poirot (listed under “Transmission Projects”) of Eversource, he said:

“We understand how difficult it is for our customers to be without power. We currently have about 2,200 line and tree crews working to restore power in the western part of the state. In Bethel, crews are responding to more than 105 trouble spots – each of these is a location with an electric issue that must be addressed, and in many cases, the problem requires re-building the electric system. Nonetheless, we continue to make steady progress toward restoring power to 99% of all our customers by 6 p.m. Thank you, Frank Poirot”

The Bethel Advocate also contacted First Selectman Matthew Knickerbocker and received a brief response, after we sent him the list of roads (shown below) of outages (NOT asking him about specific roads, but about the general restoration situation, and if he could give us a further update), and he said, in entirety, “These are all being passed on to Eversource. We do not receive feedback on them, so I am not able to answer questions about specific locations.”

There are 965 customers, of the 8,969 Eversource serves in Bethel, that are presently without electric power.

Bethel customers are supposed to get power back today at 6:00pm, according to the latest update on the Eversource website.

View the list below from comments by readers, of locations still without power, listed in the last 24 hours:

Locations in Bethel / POWER STILL OUT Aug. 11, 11:25am:


1 day ago

Hoyts hill rd off Greenwood

Chimney dr off between stony hill and Benedict

Meckauer Circle/ Payne Road

Shelley road off of 302

order of Newtown/Bethel. No activity in this area at all

Shelley, Racebrook , Limekiln

No power near southern part of Bethel, Redding border, all of Jacobs Lane and surrounding roads, off Rt. 58

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Nashville Rd

 Garella near Vail Rd and Maple Row

No power Chestnut Ridge Rd.

No power at the stoplight at Food bag intersection.

Hearthstone Dr

Sunset Hill


Apple Tree Road/Wine Sap Run

Cindy Lane off Milwaukee

Summit Lane

Rockwell between 302 and Plumtrees

Rockwell Rd

None on part of Codfish Hill

Racebrook Drive


Hoyt Road

Fox Den at Ridgedale off rt. 6

Payne Rd

Midway Drive

Midway drive

Apple tree between wine sap and pound sweet

Evergreen Drive and Weed Road


Oak Ridge

Meckauer Circle

Garrela Rd

Ridgedale Rd.

Starr Lane between 58 & Country Way 

Long Meadow Lane

Part of Oak Ridge Road

Grandview Ave.

Nashville rd Ext

Garella Rd.

Chestnut Ridge Rd

Hearthstone Drive near Sky Edge Dr.

Chimney Dr.

Aunt pattys west


5H ago

Payne Rd, Shelter Rock, Sand Hill

Canaan Drive

Mountainview Terrace Danbury/Bethel

Windaway Road (Route 302)


4H ago

Whippoorwill Rd. Still no power

Codfish Hill

Castle hill drive off of ayne

Dittmar rd.


3H ago

No power on Highland Avenue

Cherry Lane, Pleasant Rise, Fairchild Drive, Bethpage, Susan Court

Limekiln court

Putnam Park Rd.

Shelley Road, Racebrook, Limekiln

Aunt Patty’s Lane , Jennifer’s Way . Putnam ark Rd. in the area of Stecks Nursery

Payne and Meckauer 

Hoyts Hill

Summit Lane

Marywood Rd.


2H ago


Highland Ave and Hoyts

Country Way

Nashville Rd.


1HR ago

Rockwell Rd.

Garella Rd./Maple Row


Jacobs Ln near Rt 58


30-40minutes ago

Winthrop Rd


10 or less minutes ago

No power Oven Rock

No power west end of Jacobs

Weed Rd


North Rd, East Lanne NO Power, off Oakridge