New Bethel ‘Proof’ Bar and Cafe Grand Opening Weekend, April 26-28th

Report by Paula Antolini, April 19, 2019, 9:19AM EDT

This new Bethel establishment located at 1 Front Street, Bethel, CT, “Proof. Bar & Cafe” (former location of “The Spot”) opening on the weekend of April 26th, specializes in gourmet pretzels and other inventive baked goods, along with an expansive craft drink and whiskey selection. A place to hang out all day, grab a drink, do some work, solve life’s mysteries… A place for anyone and everyone. Gluten-free and vegan options available!

Proof Bar & Café Grand Opening Announcement:

The day has finally arrived!

Proof Bar & Café is officially opening its doors to the wonderful town of Bethel on Friday, April 26th at 5pm! It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve been incredibly eager to share this project with all of you.

WHAT: Proof Bar & Café Grand Opening
WHEN: Apr 26 at 5 PM – Apr 28 at 11 PM
WHERE: 1 Front Street, Bethel, CT

Come out and enjoy a brew from any of our 20 taps, savor a delicately crafted cocktail, explore our well-rounded wine list, and don’t forget about the food.

Look out as we reveal some of our menu items throughout the next week leading up to the big day. The concept at its core is pretzels and beer, but we have expanded upon that idea to provide something for everyone. Our mission, more than anything, is to create a comfortable atmosphere for all people to enjoy.

So who’s ready to bet baked and boozed?

View jobs available at Proof here.



John and Sam fostered their unique concept of putting a bar and café under one roof from their constant desire to seek out good public work spaces. They love coffee shops, and they love bars–so why not have both? The concept suits the building well as it is a large open space with room for plenty of lounge seating. John and Sam envisioned a cozy yet lively spot that allowed people a quiet get-away during the day, but still offers a vibrant night life. They wanted to invest in the community and create a comfortable place to bring people together by appealing to various demographics. John and Sam also hope to bring in local music talent and other unique events. 


For the love of pretzels, beer, and each other…

John and Sam are accustomed to tying all sorts of knots! Married back in the spring of 2018, their relationship began over a pint of Counterweight Headway. And soon extended to the workplace, as co-workers at The Hop Knot, a chain of pretzel restaurants. John, a former owner of the small chain, made it a life goal to one day open a restaurant alongside his wife. Falling in love with the town of Bethel and its people, John and Sam wanted to strengthen this sense of community by investing in one single location and maximizing its potential by actively engaging with the community and supporting the surrounding local businesses. This is “proof.”


proof \ˈprüf\  

1.  the strength of distilled alcoholic liquor

2.  to allow bread dough to rise or to activate yeast when baking

3.  just a cool place to be in downtown Bethel

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