‘Press Pause’ and Vote for Cynthia McCorkindale for First Selectman, The Theme at Last Night’s Lively Meet n’ Greet, at Portofino

Report by Paula Antolini
October 10, 2017 3:07AM EDT


Photo: Candidate Cynthia McCorkindale and Billy Michael.


‘Press Pause’ and Vote for Cynthia McCorkindale for First Selectman, The Theme at Last Night’s Lively Meet n’ Greet, at Portofino

A lively event took place last night at Portofino Restaurant and Wine Bar in Dolan Plaza, 213 Greenwood Avenue, Bethel, CT, as Republicans and Independent party members gathered to support candidate Cynthia McCorkindale.  She is running for First Selectman of Bethel, CT, against 8-year incumbent Matthew Knickerbocker.  McCorkindale is the Independent candidate cross-endorsed by the Republican party.

Long time resident Billy Michael, founder of the Bethel Action Committee (BAC), made a seven-minute speech and reminded the audience about when “Matt Knickerbocker was trying to sell the public water system, which could have been a legitimate debate by the people of this town, but was a 13-month secret negotiation between our top elected official and a private water company,” Michael said.

Michael continued, “We spent hundreds of hours researching sale of public water supplies, to private companies, when that was defeated, and all of the underground exposed by Cynthia because she got thousands of pages of emails. Nobody does what Cynthia does, researching emails in the Town Hall, and we won that big time.  We became one of only seventeen towns in the country that successfully defeated the sale of a municipal water supply to a private company.”  He jokingly said he “got all the credit” but “they didn’t know she put all the work into it. It was all Cynthia.”

“She’s got the biggest brain that I know,” Michael said, “She can take on these challenges, she has the mental capacity to take on things, to take on Aquarion, to take on all or none, to take on Gary Chesley, to take on an incumbent with 8 years here, she can do it.  She’s one of the smartest people I know, and by far, one of the most powerful people I know, because she never takes no for an answer.”

Attendees were handed a “Press Pause” button representing the campaign theme, as they entered Portofino, and many pinned it on their shirt in support.

Candidate McCorkindale spoke for about three minutes and said, “Press Pause.  Because ever project, the big sexy projects this administration is committed to, I call it the ‘Knickerbocker Express,’ it’s just ‘get out of the way, the steam roller is coming through,’ and most of the people are not informed of what these projects are. So before you know it, tic tic tic, there go your taxes up, and then you’re between a rock and a hard place, what are you going to do?”

McCorkindale continued, “I have never ever experienced an administration that was so impermeable, no respect whatsoever for the taxpayer at large.  It’s incredible that it’s been eight years and he’s got strong supporters, that’s true, but what he does, it’s like he exploits the people who don’t have access to the communications that some people do.  There are seniors that have to move out of their houses.  There are people who don’t make over 70 grand a year, and I see that as an inequity I want to address.  And that’s why I’m running, because I honestly believe that I can help affect change in Bethel.”

McCorkindale said, “I honestly think we need to Press Pause, and not stop going forward, and not go backwards, but to just take stock in what’s around us. I mean it’s like we’re at a fire sale.  Meanwhile, up in Hartford there’s no budget so when we’re discussing the projects … this is the Board of Finance, not the Board of Hope.”

CT State Senator Michael McLachlan and CT State Representative Will Duff were there to show support, as well as BRTC Chair Bill Hillman, Police Commissioner Michael Duff, renowned artist/painter/sculptor Michael Morris, and many others.

Live music was provided by Billy Michael and Phil LoPresti Jr. (“L&M”) with McCorkindale joining with vocals in a few songs too. People were inspired, and got up and danced to the music and later joined in with singing and clapping together as the night went on.

Voting occurs on November 7, 2017.  Make sure you are registered to vote!



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Billy Michael speech:


Cynthia McCorkindale speech:



Cynthia McCorkindale and Phil LoPresti Jr. sing, Billy Michael on guitar:


Cynthia McCorkindale and Billy Michael sing, Billy Michael on guitar:


Phil LoPresti Jr. sings – Billy Michael on guitar:




Photo: Candidate Cynthia McCorkindale and Billy Michael.



Photo: Candidate Cynthia McCorkindale and Senator Michael McLachlan.


Photo: (L to R) Police Commissioner Michael Duff, CT State Representive Will Duff, and Candidate Cynthia McCorkindale.


Photo: (Left) Phil LoPresti Jr. and Billy Michael.


Photo: (L to R) Artist/Painter/Sculptor Michael Morris, Candidate Cynthia McCorkindale and BRTC Chair Bill Hillman.


Photo: Billy Michael.


Photo: (L to R) Candidate Cynthia McCorkindale, Phil LoPresti Jr. and Billy Michael.

















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