Opinion: ‘Americans, WAKE up or WOKE up!’ –Dr. John R. Cleary

Report by Paula Antolini, October 16, 2021, 5:43PM EDT


Considering the disposition of candidates being elected to public office, whether president, mayor or councilperson, American voters seem satisfied with their choices.  Progressives with ideologies of globalism and big government appear to be winning the day, despite the right-wingers and their messages of doom amid the foul fragrance of Fascism.

Currently conservatives and traditionalists are whining, wailing and weeping because all their values and beliefs are being uprooted or supplanted so that over the next two decades America of the 20th Century will be unrecognizable as the same nation.

Nonetheless, citizens are beginning to suffer the decisions of the 2020 presidential election.  Remember when gas sank below $2 a gallon, now again over $3 a gallon, and on the rise?  Remember when you could buy several bags of groceries for about $20 a bag?  Now expect to pay $35, with that also soaring. 

So, as that 2020 decision starts to shrink your wallet, your savings, and your pensions, maybe then will you rise up. But again, maybe not because the dole that the government is supplying you with is enough to make you comfortable, with another humungous “stimulus” being debated in Congress.

Yeah, another year at the expense of your hard-working friends and neighbors.  Can you not fathom $29 trillion in federal debt that must be paid by you, J. Q. Public? Wait, no, by the multi-millionaires and billionaires who will be excessively taxed because they are not allowed to be wealthy — a “moral crime” against humanity and the poor, who cannot help being poor.

Modest groups of conservatives are deftly waging a valiant fight.  Lawsuits are being brought against mandated medical procedures using the same logic to defend themselves as was coined by the progressives now condemning them: “My body, my choice.”

Americans, WAKE up or WOKE up!


Dr. John R. Cleary

Winterville, NC

(former Bethel resident)