NOTICE: Bethel Inland Wetlands Commission Public Hearing Continued on Feb. 27th, Application from Codfish Hill Construction for 6-Building, 18-Unit Multi-Family Housing Development at 75 1/2 Wooster Street

Report by Paula Antolini
January 27, 2017 11:26PM EDT


NOTICE:  Bethel Inland Wetlands Commission Public Hearing Continued on Feb. 27th, Application from Codfish Hill Construction for 6-Building, 18-Unit Multi-Family Housing Development

The Inland Wetlands Commission Public Hearing will remain open and continued at the February 27, 2017 meeting at the Clifford J. Hurgin Municipal Center, 1 School Street, Bethel, CT, at  7:00 p.m. in the Denis J. Riordan Meeting Room D, according to the January 23, 2017 regular meeting minutes.

The weather on the first hearing night, Jan. 23rd, produced hazardous driving (ice). Thus, this could have been the reason for low attendance.

Only two individuals attended the last Jan. 23rd hearing, as stated by Inland Wetlands officials, according to a local news source.  The Commission opened the Public Hearing for Public Input and the following residents spoke: Andrea Hunt (79 Wooster St.) and Robert Martin (75 Wooster St.).  They gave comments, but the meeting minutes that were taken do not reveal what their “concerns” were, only that Mr. Dainius Virbickas (of Artel Engineering, who spoke on behalf of the applicant, Codfish Hill Construction) and Mr. Jeff Bruno (applicant and owner of Codfish Hill Construction)) “addressed the concerns expressed by residents.”

According to the Jan. 23rd meeting minutes:

“James McManus, Soil Scientist, JMM Wetland Consulting Services, LLC, stated he delineated the Wetlands, in June 2016. He gave the Commission an overview of the Wetlands and Upland Review Area. His assessment was a seasonally flooded,  wooded swamp with disturbed edges containing some invasive species. The soils are fill soils.”

“Mr. Virbickas gave an overview of the project which will consist of demolishing the existing structures and removal of the paved areas. Six buildings will be constructed with each building containing 3 townhouse units for a total of 18 units. A 390 foot driveway will be constructed off of Juniper Road to Town road standards, with 37 parking spaces. It will be a condominium development with sanitary sewer and water with access for all utilities off of Juniper Road.”

“The parcel is 5.489 acres with approximately 1.335 acres being Wetlands and approximately 0.729 acres of Regulated Upland Review Area. The proposal indicates activity with 0.00 acres of direct Wetland impact and 0.80 acres of Upland Review Area impacts. A split rail fence will be erected to delineate Wetland Areas from the Limit of Development, along with privacy plantings.”

“Agent McCollum read a memorandum issued from Artel Engineering, dated January 18, 2017, regarding excavation and fill material.”

“Chairman Goodrich requested orange construction fencing be installed along the border of the Wetlands, as well.”

“Agent McCollum questioned Mr. Virbickas on a number of items which were addressed. Mr. Virbickas will report back to Agent McCollum regarding his concerns about lighting.



RE: Codfish Hill Construction / at 75 1/2 Wooster Street / Regulated Activity – Multi-family Housing Development

Original Notice:

NOTICE The Bethel Inland Wetlands Commission will hold a Public Hearing on January 23rd, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in Meeting Room “D” of the Clifford J. Hurgin Municipal Center, 1 School Street, Bethel, CT, to hear the Application of Codfish Hill Construction, LLC, for a 6 building, 18 unit multi-family housing development located at 75 1/2 Wooster Street. Regulated activities are proposed for demolition of existing structures, new residential construction, bituminous pavement, and associated site and drainage improvements. This property can be found in the Tax Assessors’ records as Map 21, Block 72, Lot 19. At this hearing interested persons will be heard and written communication accepted. The application is available for review at the Land Use Department. Dated this 10th day of January at Bethel, Connecticut. Don Goodrich Inland Wetlands Commission Chairman.
Appeared in: News-Times on Friday, 01/20/2017