New Bethel High School Track and Field Center Will Hold Public Open House Event, Jan. 1st

Report by Paula Antolini, December 29, 2019, 7:55AM EDT

A public Open House will be held at the new state-of-the-art Bethel Track and Field Center located on the Bethel school campus on Whittlesey Drive next to Bethel High School, on Wednesday, January 1st from 12-2:00p.m.. Sneakers only are required for this event.

On the first floor the center includes long jump areas, a high jump, shot put area, a 50-meter sprint track, and a 200-meter track on the second floor. There are also storage areas, workout equipment, offices and bathrooms.

Activities including track and field, cheerleading, wrestling and ROTC programs will take place there.

The center will be used mostly by student athletes in the physical education programs but will be open for limited hours to the public who will possibly pay a small yearly fee.

The facility was built at the same time that renovations to Rockwell and Johnson Elementary Schools were taking place and are still to be completed.

The donor utilized the same architect who designed the Wilton Sport and Fitness and the Newtown Youth Academy Sports and Fitness Center.

A lease and agreement with a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, was approved by the Board of Selectmen (BOS) a year ago at their December 4, 2018 BOS meeting, for the 48,000-square-foot $10 million center.

The town asked the Land Use Department subdivide the land leased the lot from the donor for $1 a year for five years, after which the donor would turn the building over to the Board of Education.