This past week was busy for me with a flurry of activity, one of which was to get my daughter to attend an award ceremony for an essay she had written. She won the award and a citation from the state of Connecticut, representing her school on the topic of “Important Women in Connecticut’s History and How Their Contributions to the State and Nation Affect Me.”

She chose to write about Dr. Jane-Hamilton Merritt, an expert on South Asia. Dr. Merritt had witnessed the secret war in Laos documenting severe government violations in human rights including genocide, refugee issues  and  chemical-biological warfare. In 1980, her article in Reader’s Digest broke the story on the situation in Laos. This article helped bring to light the atrocities otherwise unknown to the world.

Even as we are inundated with millions of images and infinite content in today’s day and age, struggling and evolving as it is, the media industry continues its arduous trek of being the beacon of truth.   The industry provides wings to the seekers and guardians of truth to have their voices heard, allowing the minions to take on mighty institutions – to fight anything from inequity to gross atrocities.  Furthermore, the digital evolution combined with social media further amplifies the tremendous power  that the industry wields in making  this world a more  secure and equitable place.

Focused as I am, as a professional  fortunate to be part of this industry, this moment of parental pride helped me further reinforce my belief in why this industry matters for the present and the future generations.   ‘Cos truth does. Power to the industry.