Letter to the Editor: VOTE Republican on November 6th for Real and Positive Change

Report by Paula Antolini
November 3, 2018, 5:14PM EDT




Letter to the Editor: VOTE Republican on November 6th for Real and Positive Change

The mid-term elections should be about substantive issues regarding Connecticut’s economic downfall, and absent the emotional pull driven by the media’s maniacal focus on Trump this or Trump that.

The majority party in the CT House of Representatives have, for decades, given away the farm. Along with others in their party, they’ve left the State in economic ruin.

It’s farcical comedy when hearing “them” talk of change; a former teacher claims she is “change” as a member of the same party as the disgraced 5th Congressional District hack forced to leave office from a “me-too” scandal.

Real change can only come from changing those in control, and those who run committees in the State Legislature. 

For Bethel, that means being steadfast with the experience of Stephen Harding, and keeping the only Republican member of the Black and Puerto Rican caucus (Will Duff) as your Representative.  Surprised about Will and his South American Ancestry? 

Republicans are running members of the LGBTQIA community around the State because what matters most is the economy (not preference), and letting all people keep and benefit from the fruits of their own labor.

Senators Boucher and McLachlan have opportunities for leadership positions when a clear Republican Majority is in the State Senate.

The Team of Stefanowski / Markley offer a stark and practical contrast to a third Malloy term-by-proxy. 

Naturalized US Citizen Manny Santos, a veteran who served in Desert Storm, has clear and practical experience as a former Mayor of Meriden, and is highly qualified for election to the U.S. Congress. Matthew Corey walks the walk, unlike the incumbent U.S. Senator who only talks about walking!

VOTE Republican on November 6th for real and positive change. The noise on that smartphone is just a distraction.  (Better RED than Ne.. umm that blue guy)

Bill Hillman
Bethel, CT

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