Letter to the Editor: ‘Vote Kim Healy for Local Control of Schools and Zoning’

Report by Paula Antolini, October 21, 2020, 8:00AM EDT



With Connecticut in an epic financial and economic mess, now is the time for us to elect a State Senator with real life experience, common sense, and fiscal responsibility rather than slogans and sound bites. 

That’s why I will be voting for Republican and Independent Party Endorsed Kim Healy for State Senate. With State Democrats pushing hard for school regionalization, and expanding Affordable Housing zoning statutes we need her more than ever. Kim has been and continues to be an outspoken opponent to school regionalization in any form.

Unfortunately, Senator Haskell has purposely been unclear where exactly he stands and his position seems to change depending who he is talking to. You can call it “School Regionalization”,  “Municipal Resource Sharing” or even “Quality Educational Diversity,” but the idea is still is the same and it will have a devastating affect to our children’s education and their future.

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We should be raising the bar of expectation and quality of our education in every district, not dismantling successful ones. Listening to Kim it is clear that she understands the need to keep local control over our children’s education and not leave it to a group of politicians in Hartford. 

Here in the heart of Fairfield County, we see the devastating impact of mass density housing being pushed on to us under the guise of affordable housing where the units being built are anything but affordable. If you want to see the devastating effects to the environment of affordable housing, I invite you to Bethel. Take a look at the streams and waterways around these projects now polluted with debris and pushing the wild life into a smaller and smaller areas to live.

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We have watched our State Senator Will Haskell do nothing to stop this new urban sprawl and yet on some occasions we see him encouraging it with fellow leadership in his party. Kim Healy has a clear understanding of the issues facing the 26th District and has our best interests at heart.

I am asking every friend, family member and neighbor to please come out and vote for Kim Healy for State Senate. Vote as if your child’s future is at stake, BECAUSE IT IS. 

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William Duff

Bethel, CT