Letter to the Editor: Support The GOP

Report by Paula Antolini
November 1, 2018, 8:30AM EDT



Letter to the Editor: Support The GOP

Next Tuesday will be the most important election in Connecticut history.  State and local issues—not national issues—are paramount in voting for members of the Connecticut House and Senator and our constitutional offices.

Today, Connecticut is 46th in economic growth, 46th in road quality, 47th in state-pension funding, 47th in population growth, 50th in personal income growth since 2007, and 50th in employment growth since 1992; we are peers with Alabama and Mississippi.  Our children cannot find employment in-state after college; jobs continue to be lost as companies close or move; older and higher income residents are leaving in droves.  Our deficit is ballooning and has not been contained by the Democrats, who have controlled the state for 38 of the past 40 years .

Connecticut needs change – fresh leadership with a new vision.  Our Republican candidates provide that and will take us off of the road to economic perdition.  Voting Democratic means following their failed leadership and policies deeper into the pit which they have dug.  When the Pony Express delivered the mail, it did not change experienced riders – it changed tired horses.  For me, the choice is clear.  Let’s change horses from the old, tired Democrat rule and ride into the future on a fresh GOP horse with Toni Boucher as our State Senator for the 26th District as one of our experienced GOP riders and Bob Stephanowski as Governor.

Ken MacCallum
Wilton, CT

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