Letter to the Editor: Redding Resident In Support of CT State Rep. Adam Dunsby

Report by Paula Antolini
September 24, 2018, 12:59PM EDT



Letter to the Editor: Redding Resident In Support of CT State Rep. Adam Dunsby

To the Editor:
Adam Dunsby understands the challenges that municipalities face.  As former chair of the Conservation Commission and Board of Education and as current First Selectman in Easton, he knows that small towns benefit from local control, no tax increases, and no tolls.  He favors a streamlined state government that will enable workers and business owners to make their own success.  Adam has a record of public service in Easton and as one of Redding’s representatives in Hartford.  On Election Day, please help Adam to continue his important work in the legislature.
Tami O’Connor
Redding, CT
About CT State Rep. Adam Dunsby

Adam Dunsby proudly represents Connecticut’s 135th House district, which includes Easton, Weston, and most of Redding. He was first elected in 2016.


He serves on the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee; the Education Committee, and the Environment Committee. Adam is committed to making the state of Connecticut fiscally sound and is a constant advocate for local control. He achieved a perfect voting record for the regular and special sessions, casting a vote on of every one of the 417 roll call votes in the House.


Adam is the First Selectman of the Town of Easton, elected in 2013 and running unopposed in 2015 and 2017. While serving as First Selectman, Easton has maintained its AAA rating with its debt decreasing and its fund balance increasing. He previously served on Easton’s Conservation Commission and its Board of Education, chairing both.


Prior to becoming First Selectman, Adam helped found two investment companies. He has written extensively in the field of investing and has served as an adjunct professor of finance at Fairfield University.


Adam attended public schools in New Jersey until entering the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, from which he graduated summa cum laude. He also holds a PhD in finance from Wharton. He and his wife, Cathy, are the parents of four children ranging in ages from 9 to 19.


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