Letter to the Editor / Opinion: Jesus IS the Season

Report by Paula Antolini, November 20, 2019, 8:43PM EDT


Jesus IS the Season

There’s something in the air right now. We all catch glimpses and have subtle encounters with it.


But very much so impending, and so very, very much unstoppable. The most wonderful time of the year, indeed.

It’s that amazing time of year known as Christmas Season, and it is rapidly approaching, albeit as it’s own pace and good leisure. It is the Season of Jesus, in how Americans by the millions, (and millions more of our international neighbors), take a section of our year and focus on the Birth of Christ Jesus.

You know Him:
Son of God the Father.
Firstborn from among the Dead.
Lamb of God and Conquering King.
Yeah. That’s Him.

Truly, all of His very Creation waits in excited anticipation of the fully manifested Christmas Day, in the meanwhile readily embracing the Season leading up to it in adoration and unfettered spirit.

The air becomes fresh and crisp.
The colors of nature change and splash across the horizon like explosions of praise, expressed vividly in yellow, red, orange, and copper, finally giving way to the purity of white snow, symbolic of the forgiveness that this Jesus brought, brings, and will bring to His Bride. It’s actually a celebration of
His birthday, in truth and principle, even if not in historic accuracy!

At His Birth, shepherds tending their flocks were spoken to about His arrival and The Promise of Who and What He is, and what He would accomplish.
Wise men from distant lands, following after a star that shone brighter than all others, traveled to Bethlehem to offer gifts of worship to this newborn King of all kings. And in His first cry, He announced His arrival into the Creation He had made, and thus signaled that the divide between mankind and Himself would now be bridged.

To this day, all of His Creation praises Him, adores Him, and bows to Him.
His Salvation can be considered the very first “Christmas present”, if you will, and it can still yet be found and discovered by those who seek Him.

To this day, all of His Creation pays Him tribute and homage during His Christmas Season, just like the wise men of old, because He is The Season incarnate.

That certain something that is in the air during this time of year is His Holy Spirit, blowing through the souls of mankind, announcing His Birth and Salvation. It literally affects us one and all.

It is fitting that different beliefs would seek to share in His Christmas Season, because His Truth and Presence is Heaven to be felt.
It is appropriate that different beliefs would vie for the joy of adoring Him and worshiping His Name on the one day out of the year in which His Name is on the lips of His Creation.


Jesus is the Season, indeed. In our Bethel, CT we see the proof of this.
How utterly fitting and appropriate.

Donald Borsch Jr.

Bethel, CT

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