Letter to the Editor: Ode to the New Bethel Police Station

Report by Paula Antolini
November 12, 2018, 6:31PM EDT



Letter to the Editor: Ode to the New Bethel Police Station


We have Barnum, Famous Pizza, ??
Blue Jay Orchards, Dr. Mike’s. . .??
We have beer that’s artsy-crafty ?
where they used to pedal bikes. ?

We have pizza  (bears repeatin’), ?
doughboy from the First World War, ?
A times-gone-by library, Cinema, ?
the Sycamore. ??

Now we have a brand new station!
Three cheers for the Bethel Police ?
on this day of jubilation!! ?
(Let the old one flood in peace) ?

Spacious beyond measure! ?
All the finishes “top drawer”!
And the build was un-event-ful!!! ?
(‘Twasn’t?) ?

Yes, our little town of Bethel
evokes folksy days o’ yore. . .?
What say we keep these BELLS aringin’ ?
on the station door? ?


Frances Pulle
Poet Laureate Hopeful

Bethel, CT



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