Latest Update on Renovations of Bethel’s Rockwell and Johnson Schools

Report by Paula Antolini, October 18, 2019, 1:32PM EDT

Message from Dr. Christine carver, Bethel Public Schools Superintendent:

This week I was able to review the progress of the Rockwell and Johnson School renovation projects and I want to provide you with an update.

The walls are framed, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing are all roughed in on the 2nd floor at Rockwell School and the new addition at Johnson School. They are in the process of running conduit to the second floor to get electricity restored at Rockwell and also at Johnson to the new addition. The new elevator shafts are in place at both Rockwell and Johnson.

I had communicated that in October, at Rockwell, they would begin to cut out the front the spaces for the new buildings in the bump out. It looks like next week they will be cutting out the cinder block in the front and removing it through the back of the building. They likely will need to block
up spaces until the glass is ready for installation.

In the next few weeks you can expect to see a crane in the back of the school it will be used to place HVAC units on the roof. They also need to peel part of the roof back to lay steel framing in the ceiling (where the former office was) and pour concrete flooring. They will then continue to work on the second staircase (at the rear of the building).

At Johnson, you might remember from the design, that the new media center has a tremendous amount of glass in the front of the building. That is being fabricated and will likely be installed in mid-November. In addition, there has been a lot of progress with the gymnasium. The foundation has been poured. A crane has been delivered to the site and they will be using it to put up the steel framing.

The Playground Committees met and discussed the features that they would like to see in our new playgrounds at Rockwell & Johnson. We want to thank our parents who assisted us in the design process, including getting input from students. The playground designers will be coming up with a few designs, within the budget, which reflects our input. The new playgrounds will be installed in the fall of 2021.

For the most part, the projects remain on schedule. The one area which may be delayed are the new media centers. These areas requires extensive finish work and in order to ensure our phasing remains on schedule by moving the 2nd grade, art, and interventionists at Rockwell and the 5th grade at Johnson to their new spaces, we may have a delay of a few weeks of the media and technology spaces.

It is exciting to see the progress being made so that our 2nd grade teachers, art teacher, coaches, and interventionists at Rockwell and our 5th grade at Johnson will be able to return to their new classrooms after the December holiday break.

The BHS Track & Field Training Center continues to make tremendous progress and is 75% complete and set to open on Thanksgiving weekend! Stay tuned for more details on the opening.


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