Is Bethel’s Blue Jay Orchards on the Market to Be Sold? Owners Search for 3rd Buyer to Carry on Tradition

Report by Paula Antolini. February 16, 2020, 4:10PM EDT

Message from Blue Jay Orchards:

Is Blue Jay Orchards on the market to be sold?

The short answer is yes and has been for some time now.

Paul and Mary Patterson purchased the orchard in 1985 from the first owner Robert Josephy.

The Pattersons have transformed Blue Jay Orchards business model from wholesale to a pick your own business with a thriving farm market. Replacing large standard apple trees used to produce varieties more in tune with wholesale market, with over 8000 dwarf and semi-dwarf trees with newer varieties that have become the staple of its “Pick Your Own” business, that is enjoyed by the many that visit in the fall.

The Pattersons have also upgraded the Market/Farm Stand to include a bakery that makes the many fruit pies, apple crisps, loaf cakes and other bakery items some many enjoy. Most Importantly to a majority of our customers that find it hard to leave without purchasing are our “Blue Jays Famous Cider Donuts.”

Throughout the years Blue Jay has entertained School children with its educational tours and wagon rides teach the youth of tomorrow about farming. Combined with around 50,000 loyal customers that come each season to pick apples, pumpkins, take a scenic wagon ride, and visit the farm market.

Paul and Mary have decided that it is time to begin what may be a lengthy search for the right person(s) to become the Third owners of Blue Jay Orchards. Working with the Farm manager who has been with the Pattersons for 35 years and whose father was manager for the first owner, know how important it is that the next owner continues to operate Blue Jay with some changes and ideas as Bethel’s orchard and farm.

The success of Blue Jay has been due to our many faithful customers, along with Bethel’s residents and Town leadership. We also appreciate those who journey from farther away than the immediate area to visit each season.

Paul and Mary along with Farm Management will continue to operate Blue Jay Orchards in the same manner until the new owners can be found. The orchards and market are being maintained and Blue Jay have already begun preparing for the 2020 season. In August the Market will open its doors as it has done for the past 35 years and September apple picking, Wagon rides and later on Pumpkin will be harvested, but most importantly for many the Cider Donuts will again be made. We look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Thank you for all of the support.