Heroic Granddaughter Who Helped Save Her Grandmother’s Life by Using CPR, is Honored at Stony Hill FD

Report by Paula Antolini, July 21, 2020, 10:22PM EDT

Arlene Sullivan (front left) stands with her granddaughter Kaitlyn,
who helped save her life recently by using CPR, and also the eventual help of
Stony Hill EMS, Bethel Police and Danbury Hospital Paramedics.

Message from Bethel’s Stony Hill Fire Company:

Recently we shared a story about Arlene Sullivan, who collapsed and went into cardiac arrest back in May. Through the combined efforts of her granddaughter Kaitlyn’s early CPR efforts, Stony Hill EMS, Bethel Police and Danbury Hospital Paramedics, Arlene arrived at Danbury Hospital with a pulse and breathing on her own.

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Last night, the responders that day had the opportunity to meet with Arlene, Kaitlyn and other family members. Kaitlyn was presented with a CPR Save pin. These pins are traditionally given to responders when a victim recovers from cardiac arrest. It’s our belief that Kaitlyn’s CPR performance that day played a pivotal role in this miraculous outcome.

We are elated to say Arlene made a full recovery with zero deficits. Thank you to the Sullivan Family for allowing us to share this wonderful story!

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