Governor Lamont Statement on House Democrats’ Transportation Proposal

Report by Paula Antolini, November 19, 2019, 4:50PM EDT

Bethel Advocate July 2019 file photo of Governor Ned Lamont.
(Photo ©2019 Paula Antolini / BETHEL ADVOCATE)

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont released the following statement regarding the transportation proposal announced today by the House Democratic caucus:

“I am appreciative of House Democrats’ thoughtful contribution to the discussion about Connecticut’s economic future and the critical need for investment in our transportation system. A guiding principle of CT2030 is a dedicated revenue stream, which in large part comes from out-of-state drivers. This proposal adheres to that basic principle, albeit to a lesser extent, but is a concept that I have explored and one that should be considered among the other plans.

Given this addition to the conversation, the plan from Senate Republicans presented last week, and a reported plan forthcoming from House Republicans, I am recommending that all caucuses be prepared to bring these proposals to a meeting in my office as soon as possible. Connecticut’s economic success is vital to our state’s future and this discussion should be had with all caucuses dedicated to creating a solution.”



Thank you for taking the time to look at how I want to improve your quality of life and the state of Connecticut through transportation upgrades over the next ten years. CT2030 is what Connecticut families and employers deserve. As a small business owner, I always believed that collaboration would lead to unique solutions to complex problems, and CT2030 delivers on that.

No company should be less productive as a result of traffic jams or slow trains and buses. No parent should be late to pick their child up from school because of a traffic signal in the middle of a busy highway, or a preventable delay at a bridge or exit. I want to give Connecticut families, employers, and workers their time back and I believe CT2030 is the responsible way to provide a better future.

Our state has the opportunity today to make the investments and decisions that will pay off for our children tomorrow.

Thank you,

Governor Ned Lamont


Check map locations HERE for local information about highways, mass transit, airports and ports.

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