Gov. Lamont Signs New Executive Order No. 7N, Includes Limiting Social Gatherings to 5 persons, 50 People in Grocery Stores, Gun Sales by Appt. Only

Report by Paula Antolini, March 27, 2020, 11:55AM EDT

Governor Ned Lamont signed another Executive Order No. 7N on Thursday night.

At a press conference, Lamont announced that the number of positive cases for COVID-19  have increased to 1,012 and 21 people have died from the virus as of March 26. Most deaths included patients over age 80. COVID-19 cases number the highest in Westport, 89 patients.

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Also present at the press conference were Senators Blumenthal and Murphy. They detailed the need for more federal aid while discussing the Federal stimulus bill. Lamont said he would remove the plastic bag tax.

Lamont tweeted:

“I just signed a new Executive Order that takes several additional actions to mitigate the spread of #COVID19 in our state. I’m going to summarize each provision in this thread. Each of them take effect immediately. (1/8)

1. Restricts gatherings to no more than 5 people.

2. Where reasonably practicable, requires eating establishments that remain open for off-premise consumption to limit entrance of guests to the minimum extent necessary. Also requires touchless payment if available. (2/8)

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3. Requires all retail establishments that remain open and permit customers inside to ensure customers maintain 6 feet of distance between each other. Also requires touchless payment if available (3/8)

4. Requires all retail businesses that sell firearms, ammunition, or similar components to conduct all transactions by appointment only in order to limit as much person-to-person contact as possible. 5. Suspends tax on single-use plastic bags. (4/8)

6. Prohibits operators of grocery stores or retail businesses from forcing their employees to bag items into customer-provided reusable bags. 7. Suspends 21-month limit on Temporary Family Assistance. (5/8)

8. Recognizing that the #COVID19 pandemic has had a major disruption on schools, the order waives all annual student assessment test requirements for the current school year. (6/8)

Here’s the full text of Executive Order No. 7N:


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