Gov. Lamont Signs Legislation Updating School Immunization Requirements, Signs CT Religious Vaccine Exemption Bill Into Law

Report by Paula Antolini, April 29, 2021, 10:04AM EDT

CT Governor Ned Lamont has signed a bill into law ending a religious exemption from immunization requirements for schools. Connecticut is the sixth state to end the religious exemption. Medical exemptions will still hold.

(HARTFORD, CT) – 4/28/2021 – Governor Ned Lamont today announced that he has signed into law legislation that updates Connecticut’s immunization requirements for students attending preK-12 schools, day care centers, and institutions of higher education by removing exemptions that are not medical.

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The legislation is House Bill 6423An Act Concerning Immunizations. [ Read bill here. ]

“This is an issue that I have spent a lot of time researching and discussing with medical experts, and it is something that I take very seriously knowing the public health impact that it has on our children, families, and communities,” Governor Lamont said. “When it comes to the safety of our children, we need to take an abundance of caution. This legislation is needed to protect our kids against serious illnesses that have been well-controlled for many decades, such as measles, tuberculosis, and whooping cough, but have reemerged. In recent years, the number of children in our state who have not received routine vaccinations has been steadily increasing, which has been mirrored by significant growth in preventable diseases across the nation. I want to make it clear, this law does not take away the choice of parents to make medical decisions for their children. But, if they do choose not to have their children vaccinated, this bill best ensures that other children and their families will not be exposed to these deadly diseases for hours each day in our schools.”

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