Gov. Lamont Provides Update on Executive Branch State Employee Compliance With COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Requirements

Report by Paula Antolini, October 7, 2021, 5:40PM EDT

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today released agency-specific data regarding compliance with the state’s COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements. Connecticut executive branch state employees have made significant progress in recent days, with 78.5% fully vaccinated and a total of 671 employees (2.2%) who are non-compliant with the executive orders.

More than 1,700 executive branch state employees were vaccinated in the days following the governor’s August 19 announcement that they would either need to be vaccinated or receive weekly testing.

State agency heads and human resources representatives have been working throughout this week directly with employees who are non-compliant but who intend to meet the requirements. Most non-compliant employees remain at that status due to incomplete submissions. Actions related to employees deliberately in non-compliance will begin to be implemented as soon as tomorrow.

Below are current agency-specific data on vaccination, testing, and non-compliance rates. This data will continue to change as more employees come into compliance, personnel records are updated with new hires, retirements and separations occur, and other standard employee changes are made.

AgencyEmployeesFully Vaccinated% Fully VaccinatedTesting% TestingNon-compliant% Non-compliant
Dept of Correction5290302357.1%214540.5%1222.3%
Mental Health/Addiction Svcs2990250283.7%37612.6%1123.7%
Dept of Transportation2885224477.8%59020.5%511.8%
Dept of Children and Family2788230082.5%45416.3%341.2%
Dept of Developmental Services2313186880.8%40717.6%381.6%
Department of Education and CT Tech Education & Career System2078173283.3%2009.6%1467.0%
Department of Social Services1599129581.0%28617.9%181.1%
Dept Emergncy Srvc Pub Protect1565120777.1%31620.2%422.7%
Dept Enrgy & Envir Prot1221105186.1%14111.5%292.4%
Department of Labor92274781.0%16317.7%121.3%
Department of Motor Vehicles70953074.8%15922.4%202.8%
Dept of Admin Services70060686.6%8912.7%50.7%
Public Health67162693.3%446.6%10.1%
Dept of Revenue Services53744382.5%8716.2%71.3%
Div of Criminal Justice46343794.4%235.0%30.6%
Public Defender Services Comm42237889.6%389.0%61.4%
Dept of Aging & Disability Srv34029887.6%3811.2%41.2%
Office of the Attorney General29627091.2%268.8%00.0%
Department Veterans Affairs27724688.8%2810.1%31.1%
Off of State Comptroller26022686.9%3312.7%10.4%
Dept of Consumer Protection20717283.1%3115.0%41.9%
Off of Policy and Management15113690.1%159.9%00.0%
Dept of Insurance14712887.1%1812.2%10.7%
Off of State Treasurer12110486.0%1714.0%00.0%
Agricultural Exp Station11710993.2%86.8%00.0%
Office of Early Childhood11610287.9%1412.1%00.0%
Dept of Banking1149986.8%1513.2%00.0%
Economic and Community Dev1039390.3%54.9%54.9%
Workers Comp Comm1039895.1%54.9%00.0%
Military Department1018281.2%1716.8%22.0%
Small agencies < 100 emp. *61455991.0%508.1%50.8%

* Agencies with fewer than 100 employees include Office of Government Accountability, Connecticut State Library, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Secretary of the State, Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, Council on Environmental Quality, Connecticut Siting Council, Department of Housing, Department of Agriculture, Freedom of Information Commission, Office of the Governor, Office of the Lt. Governor, Office of the Healthcare Advocate, Office of the Consumer Council, Office of Health Strategy, Office of Higher Education, Office of State Ethics, State Elections Enforcement Commission, and the Teacher Retirement Board.