Fundraiser Created After Suicide of Father of Sandy Hook Massacre Victim

Report by Paula Antolini, March 30, 2019, 7:24AM EDT

A Gofundme page has been created for Jeremy and Avielle Richman, to support his family, after the recent suicide of Jeremy Richman on Monday, March 25, 2019. His six-year-old daughter Avielle was killed in the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012. Avielle was one of 20 first-grade students and six adults who died in the shooting.

Jeremy Richman died from an apparent suicide on the stage of Edmund Town Hall in Newtown, CT, according to police. The medical examiner is still investigating the cause of death. Richman is survived by his wife and two children, born after the Sandy Hook shooting.

Richman, a neuro-pharmacologist, started the Avielle Foundation in his daughter’s name to research the brain science behind individuals’ violent tendencies and also to provide community outreach and education about brain health.

The Gofundme page was created by Jeremy Richman’s brother-in-law, Mike Hensel, and has raised $41, 245 to date, far exceeding the original goal of $30,000, and reads:

“After the death of Jeremy Richman, a dedicated father, husband, son, and friend, this page has been created by Mike Hensel (Jennifer’s brother) to support Jennifer Hensel and their children directly. This is the only authorized fundraising site for fundraising for Jennifer and her children.

“A note from Jennifer:

“As many of you know, Monday morning we experienced yet another tragedy when Jeremy [committed] suicide.

“Side by side since 1991, Jeremy and I walked a path of deep friendship, marriage, and parenthood. As you may know, our first born, our beautiful Avielle was murdered at Sandy Hook school in 2012.
In 2013, we founded the Avielle Foundation to honor her life: www.aviellefoundation.org

“Our second daughter, Imogen (4 years) and son Owen (2 years) brought a renewed sense of joy and hope to our lives. Imogen and Owen are imaginative, fun, caring, sweet, curious and RIDICULOUSLY loving. They are a true reflection of Jeremy and me.

“The work of the Avielle Foundation is meaningful. But my champion and the love of my life is the person who had every tool in the toolbox at his disposal. He succumbed to the grief that he could not escape. Now we also honor Jeremy through the continued work of our foundation. 

“Our family is our true legacy.

“To parent our children without my champion shatters my heart and I will love my best friend forever.  I am grateful for your support and donations.”


“Thank you!  We are moved by your generous donations to Jennifer and her children. What we initially thought was an ambitious goal of $30,000 has been exceeded with your outpouring donations. Additionally, this site (the only authorized site for the family fundraising) has been shared over 2000 times. Thank you for sending it to your loved ones who are joining with us to help Jennifer. Your kindness overwhelms our hearts with gratitude and love.

“Reaching the original goal exemplifies how far reaching and caring our community truly is.   However, the true goal of this site is to provide support to Jen and her children during the challenging times ahead and therefore this site will remain open for contribution and messaging with the intention of closure within the next few days.    Your comments are truly comforting and appreciated from the bottom of our hearts.

“Thank you.”


DONATE to the Gofundme page here.